• Baguio forms Task Force vs obstructions


    BAGUIO CITY: Mayor Mauricio Domogan has issued an order creating the “anti-road obstructions task force” to address the city’s traffic related problems caused by illegal parking and other obstructions along the public roads and highways. The measure directs the task force to “cause the removal of illegally parked vehicles, equipment, including junked items that are parked, occupying or protruding to the roads/streets, construction materials occupying right-of-way, such as sand, gravel, cement, lumber and steel bars, earth spoils, waste materials, debris, embankment, heaps and the like and all kinds of illegal structures such as houses, buildings, shanties, stores, shops, stalls, sheds, canopies, billboards, signages, advertisements, fences, railings, garbage, receptacles and the like obstructing city roads and streets in accordance with existing laws and regulations relative thereto.”


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