Baguio goes to court vs. BCDA


The City of Baguio is sending out its legal team to take action against the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) for reneging on its tasks that the summer capital sought it to do. The city legal officer points to BCDA failure to honor 19 conditions spelled out in a resolution the city council approved in 1994—that BCDA just took for granted.

On Monday, the city council authorized city legal officer Mechor Carlos Rabanes “to determine the necessary steps to be undertaken to compel BCDA compliance with the conditions” set forth in Resolution 362, which the developer was tasked to do.

The city council made the move after getting “fed up with years of disregard and disrespect of the supposedly established conditions to the development of the former military reservation,” the Public Information Office said this week.

With the move, the Council supported Mayor Mauricio Domogan’s call for a passage of a measure that authorizes the city legal officer to undertake legal steps to address the BCDA’s continuing disregard for the tasks it was supposed to carry out.

Earlier, Domogan also asked the local lawmakers to refine Resolution 146 series of 2013, which urges BCDA to allow the Department of Education (DepEd) to continue the construction of a high school building at Hillside village, to express the city’s sentiment.

“This must be reworded to the effect that the BCDA should implement and respect the 19 conditionalities and stop and desist in continuing to interfere in areas like the school site in Hillside which it had agreed to be excluded from the John Hay Reservation,” the mayor wrote in his marginal note to the resolution.

Calm despite threat
BCDA subsidiary John Hay Management Corp. President Dr. Jaime Agbayani said that they will wait any legal move of the city and that they must have the documents before responding to any possible legal action.

“We’ll wait for formal documents first before BCDA gives their side,” he said a text message on Friday.

The city council approved on Monday Resolution 153 series of 2013 requesting the BCDA to strictly comply with the 10 conditions including the approval of permits.

The city government has issued the same plea over the years with the mayor expressing disappointment over the disregard of the conditions particularly when BCDA challenged the city’s authority to impose business and building and occupancy permit requirements on new constructions.


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