BAGUIO CITY: The Wastewater, Water and Ambient Air Management Division of the City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO) in partnership with Easter College recently conducted a free one-day training seminar on vermin-composting here. The event was attended by village officials and residents of Pinsao Proper, Guisad Central, Asin, Quirino Hill, Pinget and neighboring villages as well as students and faculty members of Easter College. Engr. Moises Lozano, CEPMO division chief and resource speaker, shared the benefits and importance of vermin-composting in providing solutions on the problem of solid and liquid wastes. Vermi-composting is the process of producing organic fertilizer from biodegradable wastes through the action of earthworms. A compost worm called Eudrilus Euginiae or also known as African Nightcrawler can consume on food waste, agricultural wastes such as leaves, livestock manure and almost all kinds of organic matter which in turn become vermicast or organic fertilizer. Considered as an alternative way of disposing biodegradable garbage, vermin composting is being adopted in the “Salaknib ti Waig” program to help protect and conserve the environment particularly on the water waste problem here.


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