• Baguio policemen wear heels for women


    BAGUIO CITY: Some 10 policemen and three jail personnel wore high heels and women’s footwear during the city’s launching of Women’s Month (Kababaihan Festival) here on Monday.

    The officers said they borrowed the women’s shoes from their wives, mothers, sisters, female co-workers and even girlfriends while some had to purchase from the local ukay-ukay (second-hand) stores since their feet are too big.

    They joined local officials headed by Mayor Mauricio Domogan and newly-inducted officers of the Outstanding Women Leaders (OWLS) of Baguio in kicking off the festival’s month-long activities.

    OWL officer Patti Gallardo said the policemen and jail personnel were requested to wear women’s shoes as adoption of the international award-winning “Walk a mile in her hoes” project that started in the United States in 2001.

    The project asks men to literally walk one mile in women’s high-heeled shoes to experience the difficulties that women face on a daily basis.

    “It is not easy walking in women’s shoes and it gets people talking about gender relations, the seriousness of domestic violence, rape and men’s sexual violence against women. It demonstrates that men who walk in women’s shoes are willing and courageous partners of women in making the world a safer place,” Gallardo explained.

    She said that since 2001, more and more men, women and their families around the world have joined the activity to educate people and make them aware of gender issues, decrease and prevent the potential for violence, and raise positive activism by getting men to work together with their female counterparts in ending violence against women.


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