Baguio prosecutors, police strengthen coordination to improve justice system


The Baguio Prosecutors Office and the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) on Thursday completed clarificatory dialogue on how to fully coordinate in handling criminal cases to further improve the justice system here.

Police Inspector Virgilio Hidalgo, public information officer of the BCPO said that with the same objective, the city police arresting and investigating operatives have also concluded last week their dialogue with judges of the Baguio Municipal Trial Courts.

Baguio Prosecutor Gloria Agunos said through the forum which was done in celebration of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Police Community Relations (PCR), the two offices, which are pillars of criminal justice system,can have better coordination so that the guilty shall be punished and the innocent be set free.

Prosecutor Rolando Vergara added to the police’s knowledge on the proper gathering of evidence as well as proper preservation of evidence in accordance with the latest forensic science.

Prosecutor Elmer Sagsago also discussed the proper affidavits of arresting officers, the prosecutors’ role on inquest proceedings so that proper charges shall be filed, prosecutors immediate access to evidence gathered in crimes for proper inventory, and the importance of 24-hour daily coordination and communication of police and prosecutors.

Police Senior Superintendent Jesus Cambay, Jr., said that the judges’ and prosecutors’ coordination and assistance to the police, the true ends of justice shall be afforded to every victim of any crime in this city. PNA




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  1. william todcor on

    I was a victim of police ignorance in this city. I filed cases against erring policemen and were dismissed many time by the fiscals office but I made my appeals till the decisions of said fiscals were reversed by the regional prosecutor. Hope this cooperation will not lead to conspiracy but justice specially to innocent citizens who are victims of police arrogance and ignorance.