• Bahrain airport ready for 2,000 tons of racing equipment


    Bahrain: More than 2,000 tons of Formula One equipment is expected to start arriving at Bahrain International Airport from Monday.

    The first race of the 2016 FIA (International Automobile Federation) Formula One World Championship season took place in Australia over the weekend, with Bahrain hosting the second round between April 1 and 3.

    Bahrain Airport Company cargo manager Robert Mills told Gulf Digital New that cargo would begin arriving here directly after the race in Melbourne.

    “Within seconds of the [Australian Grand Prix] concluding, a huge logistical schedule is already in full swing and heading to Bahrain for round two on April 3,” he said. “Formula One is many things: On the surface it is a fast adrenaline paced show, but underneath the media and spotlight of this truly global engineering extravaganza is a logistical component that keeps it all running and on track.”

    “There are 19 races held over eight months on six continents. The turnaround from one race to the next can be as short as one week,” he added.

    Mills said each team travelled with approximately 50 tons of equipment. “Each of the 11 teams will travel about 62,000 miles [99,200 kilometers] during one season, bringing along two cars and over 50 tons of equipment,” he said.

    “Each F1 event takes 10 Boeing 747-800 jumbo jets to move an army of people and cars from race to race over 200 days in the year. There are no less than 11 Boeing 747-800s already booked and ready to arrive in Bahrain literally the day after the first race finishes in Melbourne,” Mills added.

    After Bahrain, the F1 teams head to China for the third race of the season on April 17.



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