Balanga honors Rizal


BALANGA City: This component city of Bataan observed the 117th death anniversary of national hero Dr. Jose Rizal that started with a long parade on Monday with the theme “Rizal: Inspirasyon Noon, Ngayon at Bukas.”

Members of various sectors joined the march from the Plaza Mayor de Balanga to some portions of the commercial district and back to the plaza patterned after Salamanca, Spain

At the background are the four-story Galeria Victoria of Jerry Acuzar, Aquino Building, Plaza Centre Mall of Don Eddie de Guzman and the City Library/cityhall that the facades have the same designs and color.

After the parade, a short program was held where City Mayor Jose Enrique Garcia III and guest of honor Reynaldo Vea, president of Mapua Institute of Technology, talked on Rizal’s advocacy on the importance of education.

Garcia said he wanted Rizal to be the inspiration of the youth in Balanga. “Education was Rizal’s byword for the youth and that is what I am pursuing.”

“Education was so important to Rizal to reform the academe,” said Vea, a native of Balanga.

As the Bataan Peninsula State University brass band played, Garcia and Vea led in the offering of flowers at the foot of the Rizal monument.

Members of the Balanga U-Town Artists sang “Bangon Pilipinas” as white balloons were released into the air along with some firecrackers.


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  1. I am glad to read this story. I am a knight of Rizal, the founder of Houston Chapter with the rank of fourth degree KGOR(Knight Grand Officer of Rizal) and not thinking of KGCR(Knight Grand Cross of Rizal), 5th degree. Pnoy has that honorary and several knights got KGCR, not honorary. They deserved.

    Happy about Bataan. I used to write for the Manila Times, Daily Mirror and Taliba from 1965 to Martial Law.

    Good to know of the younger generation making Bataan great. I hope that drugs and hooliganism do not invade Bataan.

    Glad to hear about Enrique III. I know his father in high school. I think I met Reynaldo Vea here in Houston. He is the son of my agronomy teacher Telesforo.

    I was there early this year but I feel I like to be there again.

    We just commemorated Rizal Day here Dec. 29. Not a holiday here, of course. Big bang also. It is a challenge to woo the youth.

    Congratulations to all Bataenos for remembering Rizal, the epitome of human rights, anti-corruption, anti-wrong and anti imperialism. At least he is still alive in the hearts of many.

    Ben Ongoco
    taga Abucay

    How about a chapter in Balanga? Or somewhere else?