Balintawak markets told to shape up or face closure


Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista on Thursday warned the market operators in the Balintawak area to comply with several health, sanitation and environmental regulations or face immediate closure if they continue performing with violations.

“The markets must shape up, and can no longer resort to band-aid measures to address these violations.” Bautista said.

He ordered the fielding of a joint team of the Quezon City Government to inspect the markets on Thursday to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the markets prior to closure. The team is composed of representatives of the local government’s Market Development and Administration and Department (MDAD), the Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS), the Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (EPWMD), the Department of Building Official, and the City Health Department.

Malou Arrieta, Officer-in-charge of the MDAD, and Quezon City Police Superintendent Edgardo Tinio headed the team to ensure order in the inspection.

The Mayor said the city government is crafting a template for a market design to ensure that all markets in the city provide the public good service and are safe and sanitary, while complying with the city’s zoning laws.

The City Council is also developing a new Market Code for Quezon City that will provide definitive guidelines on all aspects of market operations, including the updating of stall fees and charges that are more than a decade old.

The City’s Veterinary Code is being updated as well to provide clear standards for slaughterhouses, among others.



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