• The ball is in your court, General De la Rosa


    Ma. Isabel Ongpin

    THERE is general relief and approval that the war on drugs conducted by the Philippine National Police (PNP) has been suspended and the anti-drug division of the PNP has been dissolved. Tensions and disgust regarding both were accelerating to intolerable levels.

    That President Duterte has called the PNP “rotten to the core” meets general approval. It is the truth.

    Charges will be filed against the kidnappers/murderers of the Korean businessman and presumably all involved will be suspended/sacked/convicted. Let this be done in good time and not delayed beyond reason. The retired police official, now barangay official, who owns that suspicious funeral parlor that surreptitiously cremated the Korean victim must also answer some questions and maybe face some charges. And while we are it, check out the lifestyles of the three retired police generals and others who have been involved with drugs and other corrupt activities and file the SALN cases if there is unexplained wealth. That will be a start.

    The ball is still in General De la Rosa’s court. He must expand his efforts into an all-out investigation of all who have been accused of wrongdoing beyond the abominable case that has broken the camel’s back. The Espinosa rubout in Leyte is one. The father and son slaying at the Pasay City police headquarters is another. And there are many more cases with vocal complainants clamoring for justice. Where and how are those investigations, if any, going? Updates must be given, cases must be filed, the wheels of justice must grind.

    One of the aggravation issues that the public has in connection with the PNP and its rotten members is that cases may be filed against them that should be pursued but are not. There is the origin of impunity. The rotters get off scot free to be rotten all over again. It has been happening for decades so what General Dela Rosa faces is a herculean task. He better form the right team to assist him and get to work immediately. It might not be easy to find spotless and competent PNP investigators. But maybe there are some out there amid the swamp.

    Which makes us think that a thorough investigation of the National Police Commission should also be a priority. It is supposed to be going over the complaints/charges/crimes of PNP personnel, but nothing has been heard or seen to trust that it is. The VACC has accused them of “pay to reinstate” modus operandi. They deny it. But they also admit that from 2003 to 2013 they have handled 143 cases. If that is the sum of 10 years’ work, it is an average of a little more than 10 cases a year! Nice work if you can get it, as they say. If it is not just inefficiency and inattentiveness, ignorance or an old boys’ network, what makes the Napolcom such a useless agency? I dread to hear the truth.

    The rotten PNP core is present and must be accounted for. This will take time, energy, courage and investigative intelligence. General Dela Rosa has to deliver, including putting useless investigative appendages in their places or abolishing them.

    I do not think public opinion will be satisfied with the roll of a few heads or the focus only on the Korean kidnap/slay case. There is an army of PNP heads that need to be lopped off for a variety of crimes.

    And while at it, check what is going on in that police academy in Tagaytay. If there is nothing about proper behavior for future policemen in the curriculum/training there, then the academy is useless, a waste of taxpayers’ money. We will just be graduating more of the same rotten ilk.

    Sorry, but the PNP has brought on itself the opprobrium of the people they are supposed to “protect and defend.” It is their move now.


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    1. The police should “protect and serve”. Our PNP is organized just like our government. Everything is controlled out of “imperial Manila”. This type of organization has graft and corruption on a gigantic scale. Just like the change coming to our government in the form of federalism, the PNP should be disbanded. In its place should be city police, under the mayor and provincial police under the governor. The NBI should be retained for multi district crimes and to investigate and arrest police involved in corruption and crimes.