Ballsy, Eldon, Prado victims of a demolition job


Who in this country would want to maliciously and consciously want to do a demolition job on Balsy Aquino Cruz just for the heck of it? Who is she anyway, other than the fact that she is a Presidential sister? Whoever wants to malign the Aquino family could do a better job if they focus on Kris instead. B.S. Aquino’s vindictiveness and capability to resort to legal shortcuts to get at people who crosses his path is legendary. Nobody would want to be made an example of what happens to people who displease the president. The reason why the story has not aroused public curiosity is that media suppressed it, understandably upon orders of Malacanang. The best thing to do is for Malacanang to investigate the allegation and prove them wrong – unless Pinoy has his own doubts about the integrity of his sister and/or his brother in law.


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  1. Why? Are these people saints? If there’s smoke, there’s fire. The same line of defense by GMA and her family who were involved in corruption…demolition job.