• Bam and PNoy Aquino differ on Grace Poe logically


    Here’s an object lesson on the inherent anomaly of dynastic politics. Political relatives can differ in their policy views and even values. The lower-ranked do not necessarily defer to the higher-ranked.

    This situation has arisen in the case of the first cousins, President Benigno BS. Aquino 3rd and Sen. Paolo Benigno Aquino IV, as they separately expressed their views on the case of Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares, while she battles for her political life.

    Strangely, each invoked logic as the basis for their stand. And yet, it turns out that they stand on diametrically opposite sides, one propping up Ms. Poe, the other writing her off.

    Bam says Poe natural-born Filipino
    In his 3-page concurring and separate opinion on the Grace Poe disqualification case before the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET), Senator Aquino wrote with faux legality:

    “Foundlings are among the most vulnerable to statelessness and discrimination. Social justice dictates that the State should be the first to recognize and ensure that foundlings are able to enjoy each and every right accorded to them.

    “Therefore, there lies a presumption that for those who have less in life, we should afford them the most basic right.

    “Logic dictates that foundlings are not naturalized nor stateless but natural born citizens of the Philippines…. With the respondent currently unable to submit the results of the DNA tests to prove that she is indeed a natural born citizen, the presumption of regularity and the presumption of the utmost best for those who have least in life should be upheld and maintained.”

    Logic dictates?

    I know of no doctrine in jurisprudence that says those who have less in life should have more in law. This was strictly a sound bite of President Ramon Magsaysay.

    The real and correct doctrine is the equal protection clause that all are equal before the law.

    President sees logic in Poe’s disqualification
    Speaking in Rome, the citadel of empire and religion, President Benigno Aquino 3rd declared that he sees the “logic” in the ruling of a Commission on Elections (Comelec) division canceling the certificate of candidacy (COC) for president of Senator Poe.

    He stopped short of writing a formal opinion. He issued his remarks off the cuff. He said:

    “Hindi ako SET (Senate Electoral Tribunal), hindi ako Comelec, pareho silang independent bodies. Hindi rin ako Supreme Court. Pero parang nakikita ko ‘yung logic nung sinasabi rito. Pero, again, marami pang avenue si Senator Grace na pwedeng pasukan all the way to the Supreme Court to have clarity in all of this,” he said.

    Aquino added that he was not aware of Poe’s repeated use of her US passport when he courted her to become the running mate of Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Mar Roxas.

    “At the time that we discussed this, it wasn’t as detailed as what is presented here. For instance, ‘yung mga trips ‘nung ‘09, I don’t think we discussed that. She kept telling me that she had a panel of lawyers who had studied the matter and they were ready to answer any and all questions and I took it at face value,” Aquino said.

    Aquino has asked Justice Secretary Alfred Benjamin Caguioa, Executive Secretary Pacquito Ochoa, and other lawyers to brief him about the case.

    First Benigno Aquino was a logical collaborator
    I did not realize until now that the Aquinos as a family are fond of logic.

    I wondered if the same affinity for logic was true of the first Benigno S. Aquino: former speaker of the Philippine National Assembly and agriculture secretary (under Quezon), and director- general of the Kalibapi during the Japanese occupation of this country.

    Did Benigno I find it logical for him and other Filipinos to take the side of the Japanese imperial forces after their conquest and occupation of the Philippines.

    I checked my copy of A. V. H. Hartendorf ‘s authoritative history: The Japanese Occupation of the Philippines, (Bookmark, Manila, 1967), to see whether he might have some choice passages on Benigno I, and on why he took the side of the Japanese against the Americans and his fellow Filipinos.

    There is an embarrassment of riches in the quotes from Aquino’s statements and speeches in Hartendorf’s book.

    Early in the war, Benigno I declared: “The entire Filipino people are ready to fight side by side with Japan because of her solemn pledge of independence in the worst possible time. A passive people is a cowardly people. A cowardly people cannot build a nation. Liberty is not a prize for cowards, it is only for the brave.”

    Explaining the Japanese program for the new Philippines and Kalibapi, he said: “Our duty is to tell you the truth and to be frank. …if you want to know the real spirit of Kalibapi and to understand the real new Philippines, you only have to see your sons in the uniform of the Constabulary.”

    The word Kalibapi stood for Kapisanan sa Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas ( Association for Service to the New Philippines). Benigno I served as vice-president and director-general of Kalibapi.

    Aquino said Kalibapi was “a non-political association” and that no “person can be employed in the government and any of its institutions unless he is a member.”

    Aquino took to task all the fence-sitters who did not readily march to the beat of the Japanese drum.

    He characterized the Filipino guerillas who fought the Japanese as “more American than the Americans themselves in the defense of American sovereignty.”

    Together with President Jose P. Laurel, Aquino spread the propaganda that America could not come back and urged cooperation with the Japanese. They said:

    “We are ready to be traitors to America if by so doing we will be of service to the Filipino people. That is not oratory. That is determination.”

    Aquino led a Filipino gratitude mission to Japan in 1943. In Japan, Aquino declared in a speech that the Anglo-Americans were suffering from spiritual anemia, that their military operations were “impossible enterprises” and that they could not win the war.

    Within a year, Gen. Douglas MacArthur and his anemic forces were in the Philippines, liberating the entire country and breaking the back of the Japanese war machine.

    When liberation came in October 1944 and the Japanese were defeated and vanquished, Benigno I was arrested in Tokyo and sent back to Manila to stand trial for collaboration with the Japanese. He was jailed with other collaborators in the new Bilibid Prisons.

    He was released on bail while awaiting trial. While watching a boxing match at the Rizal memorial Stadium, he suffered a heart attack and died in 1948.

    Benigno II, “Ninoy” Aquino, lived an equally turbulent life. His politics led him logically and fatefully into dangerous and treacherous alliances. He was assassinated on August 21, 1983 on his return to Manila from US exile.



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      Grace Poe should understand the law. Having misrepresented herself when she filed
      her candidacy for senator about residency requirements, she clearly lied right then and
      there. Are we going to condon a deliberate lie? She should be disqualified for lying.
      Dura lex sed lex (the law is harsh but it is the law) and ignorantia legis est minimum escusat( ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith). Is this the kind of candidate for president. One must understand what kind of a person she is.
      First, she renounced her Filipino citizenship to become an American citizen that is
      when the tide is rough and when the tide becomes calm, she now change her mind
      and again comes to become a Filipino. Is this pingpong? And, secondly, when she
      ran for senator she misrepresented herself and lied about her residency requirement.
      I cannot and will never elect an American president and a liar at that.

    2. Nung 1992, si Peping ang campaign manager ni Mitra habang si Cory naman was not so secretly for Ramos. Iniwan sa ere ni Peping si Mitra on the eve of the elections. Nainiwala ka ba na yung dalawang magkapatid na yun ay maghihiwalay ang landas sa pulitika? Ngayon, naniniwala ka ba na itong dalawang mag-pinsan ay magkahiwalay din sa election na to? Ang yellow candidates ay sila Poe, Binay at Roxas. Officially si Boy Sayad kay Roxas. Kaya maski Si Grace Poe ang manok ni Bam, yellow team pa rin. Its 1992 all over again. Nasa pamilyang ito ang dugong aso.

    3. “Foundlings are among the most vulnerable to statelessness and discrimination. Social justice dictates that the State should be the first to recognize and ensure that foundlings are able to enjoy each and every right accorded to them.
      “Therefore, there lies a presumption that for those who have less in life, we should afford them the most basic right.” – Sen. Bam Aquino

      Nakatutuwang isipin na mayroon pang Aquino na mayroong pakialam sa mga MAMAMAYANG nasa LAYLAYAN ng LIPUNAN. LAWS must be implemented to PROTECT, EMPOWER and to UPLIFT the RIGHTS of the MARGINALIZED… LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE!

    4. Sino kayang tarantadong foreigner ang nagdala kay Grace Poe sa pilipinas?para lang iwan lang dito?hehehe! Mas kapanipaniwala siguro na dito siya pinanganak at iniwan! Mali bang tawagin natural born sa pinas si Grace Poe? O mga genius! Sagot!haka-haka ba ito!

    5. I salute you Mr Bam Aquino for supporting and believing for Sen Grace Poe! We all know she is the deserving for her candidacy!

    6. Walden Mendoza on

      I salute you Mr. Bam Aquino for believing to Sen Grace Poe that she natural born filipino, That is true indeed she was born here in the Philippines that’s why she qualified to run for a President. I agree also that foundling has a right to achieve their dreams to served in our country. I hope they let Sen Poe to continue her candidacy.

    7. These people , Aquino family were all TRAITORS and corraborators from the enemy of the state, like NPA, MIF etc. they were also violators of our Philippine Constitution. We cannot trust this Aquino family to be the leader of our nation. They will sell everything even our country.. Take note….
      Dont vote Idiot politicians.
      ZERO TO ALL LIBERAL PARTY OF AQUINO ADMINISTRATION and to all his allies, Binay, mar epal, digong duterte…

      • laguatanlawzen.com on

        That’s what happened to the Bangsa Moro Basic Law (BBL) where PNOY, unknown to all Filipinos, he balkanized and sold a portion of the Philippines, with the help of Kuala Lumpur, by using the Muslim separatists from Mindanao. Remember Dante Buscayno? He was coddled by Ninoy Aquino during the heyday of CCP.

    8. Instead of basing his decision on the Philippine Constitution, Senator Bam Aquino concluded that Mrs. G. Poe Llamanzares is a natural-born Filipino because: “Logic dictates” . LoL. ..ha ha ha ha ha. “Logic”, indeed! No wonder it has been said: “A little learning is a dangerous thing”. The Philippines deserves better lawmakers than Bam Aquino and the rest of the Gang of Five. They should be kicked out as soon as possible.

    9. I wonder if this boy genius Bam Aquino really believe that equality under the law is not really that important. When a person who has less in life becomes a criminal, will the court be so lenient as to lessen his/her crime committed no matter how heinous.
      Magsaysay was just talking empty words during his brief tenure as a president

    10. I commend on Senator Bam Aquino’s stand at this case. We can’t see it now, but if this case doesn’t go in favor of Senator Grace Poe, it will have a great effect mostly problems on foundlings. The fact is, our constitution doesn’t have a clear and direct law for this kind of case. And if i may add, the lawyers who filed the case must prove that she is not a natural-born rather than Senator Grace Poe proving she is a natural-born.

      • laguatanlawzen.com on

        Sen. Bam Aquino doesn’t deserve a commendation. He is nothing but a bum Senator.

      • “it will have a great effect mostly problems on foundlings.”. So let say the court declared that all foundlings are natural born citizen, didn’t you realize that this will open the door for those foreign unwanted child and they will be declared as natural born Filipino (with no Filipino blood).

    11. Francheska Ramos on

      I applaud Senator Bam Aquino for considering the foundlings in his SET decision. This made me admire him even more. I’m for Senator Grace Poe no matter what, this fight is not only hers, but it’s all the fight of all her supporters and all the foundlings in the country.

    12. “Foundlings are among the most vulnerable to statelessness and discrimination. Social justice dictates that the State should be the first to recognize and ensure that foundlings are able to enjoy each and every right accorded to them.”

      I commend Senator Bam Aquino for thinking logically yet he was also using his heart. Foundlings must be given equal rights with everyone. Those who have less in life should have more in law.

      On the other hand, PNoy is now thinking only of his anointed one’s sake. He must have forgotten that he was courting Poe to be Mar’s VP. Also, he was the one who even appointed Poe to be the MTRCB Chairman in 2010. He knows Grace Poe is a natural born Filipino citizen and is qualified for President. He’s the one who is not thinking logically. Sad.

      • 3rdworldsavage on

        I do not agree “Those who have less in life should have more in law”. Everyone is equal under the law of the land! No more or no less. You decide!

    13. could the two aquino presidencies “gamtimpala” of the u.s.a. for the “services” of benigno II(ninoy)? just asking.

    14. Speaker Benigno S. Aquino collaborated with the Japanese army.

      Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino collaborated with Joma Sison of the Communist Party of the Philippines and New People’s Army commander Bernabe “Ka Dante” Buscayno in fighting the Philippine government. Ninoy supported the CPP-NPA rebels with sanctuary at Hacienda Luisita, gave them money, medicine and guns.

      Pres. Cory Cojuango-Aquino released from prison Joma Sison, Ka Dante and other communist leaders; and brought back from the Middle East, Moro National Liberation Front leader Nur Misuari. In return, Misuari fought the government and destabilized the economy.

      Pres. Benigno “Noynoy” Simeon Aquino collaborated with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and sought the disintegration of Mindanao provinces by pushing Congress to pass Bangsamoro Basic Law. Noynoy gave an MILF leader P5 million while they had a meeting in Japan.

      How patriotic.

    15. Much respect to Senator Bam for acknowledging international laws. PNoy should follow his cousin, defending the rights of foundlings– those who have less in life. He took in Senator Poe when he appointed her in MTRCB and when she was under LP running for senator. He believed she is qualified from the start but is now suddenly doubting her qualifications? Mr. President, please make up your mind.

      • As Vice President “MAYBE”. Question for you? Would you rather a foreign national become a President. Until now Grace Poe continue lying about her true identity. She said she’s a natural born citizen but pledge an allegiance with United States and became a U.S Citizen. Eh di, gawin na rin nating Presidente si Rob Schneider o kaya si Lou Diamond Phillips, pwede rin si Apl.de.Ap, at least sila may Filipino blood. My point is Grace Poe should follow the Law in the our constitution, how can you be a good President if you yourself can’t or don’t understand the Law. She should stop listening to those people who invested heavily in her campaign for sure all of them have an ulterior motives.

    16. Mikel Apasible on

      Simple. The other one is more considerate than the other. Another one, the other one is more rational than the other. Another, the other one is more concerned to the sector of marginalized foundlings, and lastly, the other one is objective while the other one is politically aiming for their presidential bet to win and by eliminating Grace Poe they have more chances of winning.