Bam wants 2nd honeymoon with wife


Now that he’s safely ensconced in the Magic 12, Team PNoy Senate bet Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino 4th wants to have a second honeymoon with wife Timi.

Aquino, 36, married Timi Gomez, 29, in September 2012.

He said that they spent their first months as a couple campaigning.

“We have to talk about a second honeymoon. We haven’t decided where but most likely it’s out of the country so we can spend time away from everybody else. It will happen. Most likely, we won’t be here during first week of June,” Aquino, who ran on a platform of providing jobs thru microfinancing, said.

Aquino’s wife, a marketing professional, has been his consistent representative in campaign sorties.

“I initiated the idea of a second honeymoon because it has been a tough 90 days and I consider this our last vacation. Once the Senate duty starts, it will be all work,” he pointed out.

Aquino said having his wife vouch for him added to his credibility.

“We’re partners. There were tough times when she suffered some kind of a heat stroke and she was throwing up the whole day in Cebu because the weather was too hot. But we knew that whatever work that has to be done [in the campaign], we would do it. We were both very focused,” he told reporters.

“I didn’t feel guilt that I lacked the time in taking care of her because I knew that she wanted to do this with me. And I’m happy that after everything, we both survived and that our family is intact and safe. We are newlyweds so we want to do the things that newly married people do,” he said.

Llanesca T. Panti


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