Ban on the use of bright white headlamps in motor vehicles proposed


(By Ruben D. Manahan 4th, Breaking News, October 11, 2013)
Yet another retarded law or idea for a law.

If people drove on the correct side of the road and actually used their headlights at night we would easily halve fatal traffic accidents.
Matthew Parkes,

That’s ridiculous. properly fitted HID lamps have less glare than halogen lamps. besides, HID or not, bright lights are bright lights (that goes out to heavily tinted vehicles that turn on their brights so they can see better). They should regulate also PUV’s that use sealed beam headlights that only have one setting.
Alec Corpuz,


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  1. this is good idea, because those bright white lights can temporary blind the driver of the other car facing it and can cause head on collision. there is no need for bright white lights. the regular headlights are just fine if you look at it.

  2. Use of headlights at night driving and foggy days boils down to the driver’s sense of respect for fellow motorists and pedestrians as well as to his self-discipline. Well-conditioned vehicles have low-high beam switches, all at the disposal of the pilot. Do we need to remind (or educate) motorists on the basics of using headlights, warning- and other devices for people on the road, included?