• ‘Bangsa law may spark war’


    THE impasse over alleged “alterations” in the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) may trigger a fresh conflict that could leave the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) at the losing end if their differences are not immediately settled, a political analyst warned on Thursday.

    Ramon Casiple said the two sides should promptly agree on contents of the draft bill to avoid further misunderstanding that may lead to the weakening of the MILF’s position as representatives of Muslims in southern Mindanao.

    “The GPH [Government of the Philippines] and MILF have to agree on the concept of autonomy within the constitutional framework,” Casiple told The Manila Times.

    He stressed that unless this is done, “both would lose.” But the MILF, he said, stands to lose more.

    “The government will face a resurgent Moro rebellion. The MILF would lose more, their credibility and leadership of the Bangsamoro,” Casiple pointed out.

    Earlier, chief government negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer admitted that certain provisions in the draft measure may be unconstitutional and that is why members of the government and MILF peace panels are trying to fix these loopholes.

    Ferrer said both parties are looking for “alternative solutions” to these questionable provisions so that the draft measure, once submitted to Congress, will stand legal scrutiny.

    Ustadz Pendie Colano, the chairman of the Selatan State
    Revolutionary Committee (SKSRC) of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), also warned that the delay in the BBL passage may cause more serious problems and put the entire Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro in jeopardy.

    “This is why we believe that President [Benigno] Aquino [3rd] is not really sincere in what he was saying because it’s a kind of divide and rule tactic,” Colano said.

    “What will happen if both the MNLF and MILF agreements will collapse? That would mean a serious war between the Bangsamoro forces and the Philippine government,” he added.

    Colano said Aquino’s plan to have a Bangsamoro sub-state in place before he steps down in 2016 would not happen “because the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has urged the Philippine government to recognize only one agreement and that is the peace pact with the MNLF signed on September 2, 1996 in Jeddah.”

    He noted that the major cause of disagreement between the government and MILF panels could be the surrendering of firearms.

    Colano explained that MILF ground commanders are not willing to give up their sophisticated firearms.

    “For the Bangsamoro fighters, if they surrender their guns and [ammunition], their lives would have no meaning at all,” he said.

    Morohomsar Kidatu Gawil, the former 104th MILF battalion commander who split from the leadership of MILF Chairman Ibrahim Murad and now leads a 30-man group, said he cautioned his comrades not to trust the peace negotiations.

    Gawil added that what happened to the MNLF led by Chairman Nur Misuari is now happening with the MILF.

    “Sa huli, mawawalan ng silbi ang tunay na layunin ng pangkapayapaang pag-uusap [In the end, the peace talks will prove worthless],” he told The Manila Times.

    Gawil noted that Misuari was “isolated” when the government accused him of ordering the attacks in Zamboanga City last year.

    “Nawala si Misuari sa eksena dahil gusto ni President Aquino na maipatupad nya ang kanyang hangaring mapadali ang pangkapayapaang pag-uusap sa MILF sa pamumuno ni Murad, pero tingnan mo naman kung ano ang resulta, hindi magawa-gawa ang Bangsamoro Basic Law dahil pagkatapos ng usapin sa pamamagitan ng MNLF-OIC-MILF na pag-uusap lumalabas na hindi naayon sa usaping pangkapayapaan ang ginawang mga hakbang ni President Aquino kung kaya di nya maipilit at maisulong ang kanyang gusto mangyari para sa gagawing Bangsamoro sub-state dahil talagang hindi pwede [Misuari was elbowed out of the scene because Aquino wanted to rush the peace negotiations with the MILF under the leadership of Murad but look at the result, the Bangsamoro Basic Law has been delayed],” he said.

    Lawyer Naguib Sinarimbo, former ARMM executive secretary and member of the Technical Working Group for the MILF panel, said the problem could have been prevented if the contents of the mutually agreed Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro [FAB] that led to the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro [CAB] were simply adopted.

    “The government has repeatedly said that it will not sign an agreement that it cannot implement and that both the FAB and CAB are constitutional. And so what is so unconstitutional in just copying the language and provisions of the CAB into the BBL?” Sinarimbo, also a senior adviser on political transitions at the United Nations, noted.

    On Thursday, Malacañang said that Presidential Peace Adviser Teresita Quintos Deles was having a meeting with other stakeholders in an attempt to break the impasse.

    Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said Deles will announce the results of her meeting.

    Coloma said the President will meet with MILF Chairman Al Haj Murad at a later date but this is yet to be firmed up.

    “We wait when this will happen depending on [the time and date]that would be agreed [on]. We witnessed the fruits of their previous meetings and we expect the same holds true with upcoming ones,” Coloma told reporters.


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    1. Some sacrifices has to be endured to attain absolute peace, and that has to come from the Moro side. Life for them is actually has its meaning after giving up their sophisticated weapons because it pave way to self- preservation.

    2. Mark chua sy on

      Moral lesson: never circumvent the law especially the constitution. This stupid yellowtard government with a bunch of legal adviser doesn’t know how to draft a framework and to make it worse they already signed the document knowing the loopholes and unconstitutionality of the BBL. Very incompetent. A mistake cannot be corrected by another mistake..

    3. MANILA, Philippines – Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) secretary-general Iyad Ameen Madani has reiterated his call for the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to be synchronized with the 1976 Tripoli agreement and the 1996 final peace pact with the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

      In a statement posted on the OIC website (OIC-OCI.org) June 20, 2014, Madani said among the concerns of the 57-member Islamic body is that the Bangsamoro are still struggling btoprove their “identity and confirm their history and rights.”

      “In light of the agreement signed recently between Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Philippine government under the auspices of Malaysia in the presence and witness of some member states, and opposed by all factions of Moro National Liberation Front, and the fact that the declared texts of the new agreement do not mention or build explicitly on Tripoli and Jakarta Agreements of 1976 and 1997 respectively,” he said.

    4. Allout war 24/7 until mission accomplish = forever peace in the region,no to autonomous region,including the cordillera.

      • Tama ka diyan! Hindi nga tayo sumuko sa mga kano, kastila at hapon tapos ngayon sarili natin gustong ipaghiwalay ang ating mamayan dahil gustong sarilinin. Hindi ata tama iyan – ipaglaban na muli ang sariling atin at magpatiwakal ang mga ganid sa yaman ng ating ninuno. Walang isang tao ang may karapatan diyan kundi ang sarili nating BAYAN. Araw-araw winiwika ng kabataan Bayang Magiliw at Panatang Makabayan upang malaman ng kabataan na ang bukas puno ng kalayaan ay para sa lahat. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

    5. I agree that the plan was get accolades of doing something by signing an agreement, that certainly cannot pass the constitution. Now the MILF has been paid off and the problem postponed until the new president takes office.

      It is the same plan as the FOI. It will be passed and take effect when the new president takes office.


      • Yon pong 8.6B na sinasabi,, gusto rin po etanong kung sino ang nakinabang? Wala po ako nakita or nabalitaan proyekto ng GRP na mapakinabangan ng MNLF,, at pra po sa sagot ng tanong ni APO3KR wala pong namudmud na pera at wala ni isang kusing na pera galing sa GRP na napasakamay ng MNLF.. ang maari mo itanong sa ating taga pamahal ng DAP kung sino ang nkinabang bakit walang nkarating sa kanilang sa kanilang binabangit,,

    7. That’s because President Aquino’s instructions to the OPAPP Secretary amd the negotiating panels were to get the MILF to sign agreements after agreements so he could be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    8. Wasn’t that the govph plan? To delay and dribble so that at the end of their term, they kick the can down the next president’s road. But first, the Moro ILF had to believe govph was serious. That’s where the P10B came in handy.