• Bangsamoro bill: Have they lost their minds?


    I couldn’t believe what I was reading in the bill for the “Bangsamoro Basic Law” President Aquino personally submitted to Congress as his priority to implement his peace agreement last March with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

    Have Aquino and his negotiators gone mad?

    Read it yourself, it’s available in full on this newspaper’s website, and you’d conclude the same way I have: This will dismember the Republic. The proposed law will create a “political entity” called “Bangsamoro,” which is not under the Philippine Republic, but which merely has – as the bill itself puts it – an “asymmetric relationship” with it.

    And what does “Bangsamoro” mean?

    “Bangsa” is Malay for a nation-state.  The Spanish word “Moro” was the pejorative term Spaniards, and even non-Muslim Filipinos, probably up to the 1980s, called people of the many ethnic groups in Mindanao under the Muslim faith. The term originated from the word Christians used for the Muslims who conquered their Iberian homelands in the 8th century. In the 1960s, you’d be in trouble if you called a Filipino Muslim “Moro,” the same way you’d be if you called an African-American “Negro.”

    The notion of a “Bangsamoro” was the invention of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) Chairman Nur Misuari in 1969 when he founded the insurgent group and when the MILF forces were still with him. It was his way of defying that Spanish label and in his attempt to invent a common identity for the various ethnic groups of Mindanao, mainly the Taosug, Maguindanao,  and Maranao under the Islamic religion.

    Yet the bill implies that a “Bangsamoro people” had existed since pre-Spanish times that it is only fair to accede to their demand for an “ancestral homeland and their right to self-determination.

    It is the utter stupidity of Aquino and his negotiators, bordering on treason, to agree with the creation of an artificial nation for the “Moors” in Mindanao. Nowhere in fact in the bill do the terms “Filipino” and “Philippines” appear. Even the national government is referred to only as the “central government,” and the Philippine president only as President.

    Chief negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer and other government negotiators wasted their time in what they melodramatically described as “hand-wringing working sessions” to draft a bill acceptable to the MILF.

    Its chairman Ibrahim Murad and vice chairman Ghazali Jaafar, with some legal consultants, would have written a bill not too different from the BBL bill.

    It is nothing but the Constitution – a synonym for “Basic Law” – that creates a self-governing nation-state under the MILF.

    The bill even has the solemnity of a Constitution. Our Constitution’s Preamble: “We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to build a just and humane society, and establish a Government….”

    We, the Bangsamoro
    The Bangsamoro bill’s Preamble: “We, the Bangsamoro people and other inhabitants of the Bangsamoro, imploring the aid of the Almighty…”

    And closely mimicking our Constitution, it goes on to define the Bangsamoro territory (even its waters, which stand “12 nautical miles from the low-water mark of the coasts,” the international prescription), the nation-state’s General Principles and Policies, and its form of government.

    Contrast that to the preamble of the law that created the ARMM: “The people of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to develop a just and humane society and establish an Autonomous Regional Government…”

    The Bangsamoro or the BBL bill is an entirely different creature from the “autonomous regions in Muslim Mindanao and the Cordilleras” which the Constitution allows as forms of local government.

    Instead, it will set up practically an independent state with “exclusive powers over a long list of “matters,” which a sovereign country normally exercises over, except for a short list of matters “the Central government has reserved powers,” mainly defense and external security, foreign policy, coinage and monetary policy, and postal service.

    This is also emphasized in the bill’s Article IV, Section 1, a de facto declaration of independence: “In the exercise of its right to self-governance and self-determination, the Bangsamoro is free to pursue its economic, social and cultural development.”

    What if, the Bangsamoro state decides to invoke the above section, and secede from the Republic, or to ask Malaysia to incorporate it in its federation?

    Is there a provision in the BBL bill to prevent this?

    None at all. In fact, there isn’t even a sentence in the BBL bill that the Bangsamoro government officials consider themselves Filipinos and swear loyalty to our Constitution and Republic. That the Bangsamoro could become rich isn’t impossible since under the BBL bill, it would control the vast natural resources of central Mindanao, which includes the reputed deposits of natural gas and oil under the vast Liguasan marshes.

    The Bangsamoro government, according to the bill, will be run by the 60-member Bangsamoro Parliament, purportedly to be elected by “the free choice of the people” through political parties.

    One would be extremely naïve not to believe that it would be simply the MILF, by far the most organized and biggest force now in Muslim Mindanao that would staff it. The MILF’s existing “Jihad Central Committee,” which roughly has the same number of members, would probably simply overlap with the Bangsamoro Parliament.

    And it is the Parliament that would elect the Bangsamoro Cabinet, which would, in turn, choose the government’s chief executive, called Chief Minister—who would, I’d bet, be either the current MILF chairman or vice-chairman.

    Bangsamoro Police
    What is patently unconstitutional in the BBL bill is its provisions that the Bangsamoro government shall have primary responsibility over public order and safety within the “Bangsamoro” and that a “Bangsamoro Police” would be created for this purpose.

    This violates the Constitution’s provision that “the State shall establish and maintain one police force, which shall be national in scope and civilian in character, to be administered and controlled by a national police commission.”

    The BBL draft bill clumsily tries to go around this constitutional ban by stipulating that a “Bangsamoro Police Board” shall perform the functions of the National Police Commission, and that “the board will be part of the National Police Commission.” I don’t think that’s enough to fool the Supreme Court, especially since another provision in the draft bill empowers the Chief Minister to have operational control over the Bangsamoro Police.

    The MILF army, in effect, will simply be renamed the Bangsamoro Police, and the MILF chairman who had commanded the army will simply wear the robes of the “Bangsamoro Chief Minister.”

    Especially because of reports that Malacanang’s legal offices had gone through the bill with a fine-tooth comb, I had thought that Ferrer and her associates had convinced the MILF to reduce their demands in order to conform with the Philippine Constitution.

    Nothing of the sort. In fact, the draft bill has new provisions favorable to the MILF that weren’t even in the “Comprehensive Agreement with the Bangsamoro,” or the peace pact, which the bill was supposed to merely implement. Among, these:

     “Article X Section 1. The justice system in the Bangsamoro shall consist of Shari’ah [Islamic] law, which shall have supremacy and application over Muslims only…” Contrast that to Section 1 Article IX of the ARMM law on the justice system in that region: “The Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, and other courts established by law shall continue to exercise their judicial powers.”

    In the most flagrant violation of our Constitution’s principle of separation of Church and State, the BBL bill even specifies as sources of Shari’ah law, Al-Quran and other Islamic religions texts Al-Sunnha, Al-Qiyas, and Al-Jima.

     What is an unnecessary capitulation to the MILF is a provision that would require the national government to appoint Bangsamoro people to the following offices in government: “At least one Cabinet secretary, at least one in each department, offices and bureaus, holding executive, primarily confidential positions; and one commissioner in each of the constitutional bodies.”

    That means the MILF wants its cadres planted in practically the entire Philippine bureaucracy. The Civil Service Commission and the Commission on Audit under the Constitution have only three members each, including the chairmen. Under the bill, one out of the three posts would be reserved to a Bangsamoro member.

    Come to naught
    All these, though, could come to naught.

    They’ve forgotten that one of the two reasons the Supreme Court ruled as illegal the 2001 Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domains was that it was not subjected to consultations both on national and local levels, to be participated in by people on whom its provisions would have an impact. Such consultations are required by the 1991 Local Government Code and the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997, the Court ruled.

    They certainly can’t claim that the BBL bill was subject to consultations with the people in Mindanao that would be put under the Bangsamoro government. In fact, until it was submitted by Aquino to Congress, it was secret.

    However, if the BBL isn’t enacted into law – if Congress fails to act on it until its term ends in 2016 or if the Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional – the MILF would go on a rampage, claiming the Aquino government betrayed it.

    But even if it is enacted into law, there would be intense, and violent resistance against it, not only by non-MILF groups such as the MNLF but non-Muslim groups, because of the broad powers it gives the MILF. Already the 1970s “Christian”—if I may use that term—paramilitary groups, I’ve been told many months ago, have been arming themselves to fight the Bangsamoro state if it is set up.

    This quagmire is what we get with a President who offered the MILF the moon in his delusion to win the Nobel Peace Prize and appear to be a performing president, with his cheering advisers and negotiators whose lives have been limited to NGO and university circles, hardly touching the real world.

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    1. OK.. so if people in here wants to scrap the BBL.. whats your alternative to so that ARMM region will finally have peace? unless we would like to continue with this WAR and filipino killing filipinos.. its been a 100 years already, not unless we kill all those muslims? and have a 100% christian country.

    2. If the BBL is so clearly against the constitution, what does it say about the legal team acting for the MILF? These are presumably the same lawyers who would be helping draft all kinds of other laws for the Bangsamoro entity. If there is a problem for the enactment of the BBL then I suggest the leaders of the MILF do some self-reflection on the competence of their own side first.

    3. Roman R. Guerrero on

      A “door ajar” is available for us Mindanaoan direct stakeholders of genuine peace in our homeland; that is Marvic Leonen’s public disclosure during the FA signing at Malacanang in October, 2012 that MILF are re-acquiring their Filipino citizenship with BangsaMoro
      identity. It shall take a) update of the flag to bear the flag symbol Muslims have
      clamored since 1946 & b) update of our
      Filipino identity to make the flag pledge
      acceptable to them. After MILF’s public
      pledging as Filipino citizens, the rest shall
      be hiistory as they shall be duty-bound to perform the duties of citizens under the Constitution. This may halt the BBL due to MILF’s own fault for all the world to see.

    4. The things to be consider the lives our people and soldiers.
      For how many years since start of battle began until know no peace in southern Mindanao, our funds was lost for buying guns and ammunitions instead that we can used for infrastructure and livelihood of the Pilipino.
      in my opinion it’s better to separates the Moro to save lives and money.
      The 1987 Constitution made only by few lawyer after Mrs. Aquino presidency.
      Are the constitution maker consultant us?
      Are they consider the helpless people?
      If you read the preamble only educated people can understand how about the non educated person they considered?

    5. There’s no need for a BBL as it defeats the intention of peace. In this BBL it will only bring more chaos and problems in Mindanao as the agreement does not cover all. The muslims in mindanao should unite first to have a common agreement that promotes their being one. But the problem in our mindanao island, the muslims has multiple belief similar to our christian society but good thing for us we have the real faith and love as a practice. In Mindanao, we have the sunni , the shitte, the maranao, the tausugs, the abu khalifa group, the abu sayaf group which have different ideologies until now, their existence is not common and fighting by their own. The best approach their is develop mindanao and those who has good qualifications will be appointed as commissioners, managers or be elected by the people there. in accordance with the constitution.

      • It is wrong to say that Muslims in Mindanao have multiple beliefs and do not have real faith and love as Christians do. This is very misleading. To begin with, Islam is a religion of peace and love.Every Muslim is taught to observe utmost patience in all his dealings with other people even to the unbelievers.In fact, when Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) started preaching Islam, he treated all equal and even including the the most anti-Islam people like the Jews. The same value that was passed on and became the guiding principle of every Muslim including those in Mindanao. Unfortunately, a lot of non-Muslims are taking advantage of this and even abused the innocence of the Muslim people. So whose to be blame for the continued peace and order situation in Muslim Mindanao? Definitely not Islam but rather the people who are continuously taking advantage of the Muslim people by dispossessing them of their own land and treating them like the oppressors when in fact and in truth they are the ones being oppressed in their own lands.

    6. Dear Mr. Tiglao, I will give you scenario in tagalog mix.
      Today, 13 September, Leila gave witness protection to makati. Noy declared kung hindi ka narito sa meeting na ito ay kalaban ka. All on the same day.
      The scenario begins with Binay in Malacanang protecting the whole Cory tribe during the siege of RAM.Binay’s life was on the line protecting them Aquinos. Several years later, the president at the time declared that hacienda Luisita has to be given to the real owners – the farmers. However one of the kids Binay was protecting became the president as Noy who was very upset incuding all Aquino and Cojuanco clan that they. will lose their property. And you know the next part of the story. But this does not end, kasi baka Iba ang maupo sa susunod na election, lalong madisgrasya pati nakamkam na perang ibinayad ng pamahalaan sa mga Aquino kaya kinakailangang super katiwala ang sumunod sa kanya o siya mismo. Lahat na kalaban ay dapat makulong, sapol si Enrile, Jingoy at Revilla. Teka, malakas si Binay sa survey kaya Kailangang… That’s the news yesterday. What the stupid (wag the tail) Cayetano don’t know he will be next on the line by declaring that he wanted to be a president next 2016. Cayetano and trillanes name wag the tail name came from their investigation of Binay to avoid their own bahobto to spill out of the can. They dont know, they will be next on the line. Look at Binay, he protect them from harm but what Noy have done is evil or worst than…

    7. all the fears allayed in most comments are unfounded… the tribes comprising Bangsamoro cannot and will NOT be united… the different tribes of Muslim Mindanao will fight with each other if ever the bangsamoro hierarchy would think of evolving into a separate country and secede from the Philippines… the different ethnic groups do not trust each other… let them govern themselve…. then let’s wait and see

    8. Abdullah G Mamacotao on

      On Tiglao’s article “Have they lost their mind…” arguing that PH will be dismembered because of the Bangsamoro Bill. Look at the latest Muslim/ substantial Muslim population countries in Europe: Kosovo, Bosnia-Hersegovina, Macedonia. The formula for independence besides besides Muslim Jihadists and world sympathy: their autonomy was withdrawn from them, and then in desperation, they fought back united as a people in full force. Would you like to see a united MILF, BIFF, ASG, MNLF, MNLF-Reformists, local warlords, the Moros themselves…all fight the Philippine Government? Who is more insane than somebody who would create such a situation. Do not forget that international Jihadists are just waiting to be invited in full force. When the rebels and Muslim leaders silently prevented the jihadists (complemented by the incidents in Bosnia, Afghanistan) of Bin-Laden to come to Mindanao after defeating the Russians, it was because Moros in this country were not yet too desperate into turning Mindanao into an international battleground. But create a situation where Muslims in this country will become desperate, and you will see what Mr. Tiglao does not want to prevent. Have you forgotten that historically, OIC was organized with Mindanao as their first project? or you do not know… Let me tell you that one of the visions of the BBL is shared security [aside from shared prosperity], precisely to prevent the creation of a situation that can be exploited by international terrorists…that is the interest of US and EU in supporting the BBL. try to look at the BBL from the otherside, then you will understand why PEACE NOW IS IMPERATIVE.

      • sounds like a threat to me…..but you forget how erap put all of you were you belong….foreign fighters cannot come to pinas ,like how they do all over the world…..the filipino people needs to wake up and starting arming themselves…because wde know you animals will not stop..until a full scale fight erupted…..filipinos does not need t join the military to fight this plague….create a cell and go underground…..only then can we fght this animals on an even scale….you want urban warfare then we will give you urban warfzare…you bomb the christians we bomb the muslim enclaves, you behead one of us..we wil behead every muslim we find..man,woman child…..that is the kind of war you animals have been inflicting and it willl not take much to get more fighters on our side to fight you animals….cause the next war we fight, you will not be engaging the military anymore…but regular filipinos….lets see how far you can last….

      • the moslems should not be entitled to this kind of independence as they hardly comprise the majority of the population in these areas. The reason why idiots like Aquino want this is because they are choking on extremist threats, that’s all.

    9. Malaysia thinks that if she can make Sulu under her national sovereignty, Sabah will become perpetually be under her sovereignty and ownership for good. To make this happen, Malaysia formed MILF and sustained it as her troublemaking arm in Southern PH. The Malaysian-masterminded CAB/FAB/BBL are political solutions that serves Malaysian interest, specifically, to facilitate the transfer of sovereignty of Mindanao from PH to Malaysian Federation. Malaysia pays bribes to the politician in high posts in PH and utilize them to push for the BBL — equivocably speaking, these PH politicians have already taken Malaysian bribed to secretly sell Southern PH to the Malaysian Federation.

      When you see a sustained PH mainstream media persecution against MNLF and Misuari, we see Malaysia’s invisible bribing hand. When you see PH politicians advocating MILF’s FAB/CAB/BBL, we see Malaysia’s invisible bribing hand. We are keeping a good list of these Filipino traitors (in media, military, police, and politics) who have sold Southern PH to the Malaysians — the PH people will decide on their fate later on.

      We (MNLF) are the opponent of Malaysia. Having control of Sulu (because of Misuari), we are leasing Sabah to China. The amount of money we are talking about in this MNLF’s Lease Deal with China is P100B per year for a small portion (1/6th portion only) of Sabah. P95B of this P100B will be remitted to Sulu and will be used by Sulu to economically develop itself. P5B will go to the Brokers (myself and my Chinese counterparts). Both Sulu and the Brokers will pay 20% tax to the PH Govt for any money that enters PH. Once Malaysias forces and enterprises are evicted from Sabah, we will turn over the sovereignty of Sabah to PH Government. Cutting the hands of Malaysia over Sabah will also stop Malaysia from

    10. The brightest citizens of the Philippines are Ibrahim Murad and Ghazali Jaafar.
      Now we hope that the Supreme Court would be able to come up with decision that as a country we shall have only one Armed Forces and National Police to keep peace and order. Potential problem seems waiting to happen after this agreement would be passed by Congress. Knowing the leaders of both Houses, there is possibility that it
      will be passed without any resistance. DAP really works wonder.

    11. Tama si President Estrada – wala naman gusto ang mga MILF kong hindi humiwalay
      sa Constitution natin eh.

      Bumabahin sila para matapus na sila.

      MNLF – should be reinforced and alive – Not this MILF.

      Gusto lang ni President “BS” Aquino ang “Nobel Prize” at any price.

      “BS” ka talaga.

    12. Separation of church and state is enshrined in PH constitution. Why should there be an autonomous region base on religion? If this will be allowed then there will be autonomous town for every religion. Patches of INC, Protestant, Seventh day Adventist, atheist, Born again, Dead again and whatever more religions that may come up. Court rules will be also base on every religion. What a mess… P.Noy is truly retarded.

    13. Never underestimate your enemy. –Sun Tzu

      It’s a dire mistake to under-estimate your enemy. Pnoy and his gang are smart. They really have exceptionally gifted spin doctors, i give them that. Obviously they know the BBL’s unconstitutional, even grade school students know that, but this MILF deal is just a “carrot and stick” approach to control mindanao/rebel noise. A “quiet time” even for just this administration’s reign.

    14. Everybody should know that neither the MNLF nor the MILF initiated for PEACE with the Philippine Government. Do we think that the MILF under Chairman Murad would accept less than what they have agreed upon. Chairman Murad has already formulated in his mind that the Philippines Constitution was not written in the stone that could not be broken or erase for PEACE. But his line of thinking is the other way around and not about PEACE and heading the foolish Autonomous Government as Chief Minister. Rather he is just waiting for PNoy and his Military might to call for abandonment of the hard earned PEACE Agreement so he could make it as a justification to be presented to the Muslim world for help and bring hell to the whole of Mindanao. Chairman Misuari was so happy with the broken 1996 Peace Agreement. The rope bounded in his hands was loosen. PEACE would be achieved only thru total annihilation of the Moros which only God could do it. Where are those brave and brilliant Filipinos wanted to spoil the peace talk and return to fight till the end. For the young Moros, it is the game that they are waiting for and not the promised foolish Autonomous Government. I swear…

    15. Mindanao was illegally annexed by the Americans to the Republic, after they bought Islas Filipinas (Luzon and Visayas) for 20M dollars including the Indios (subject-alipin). Para wala ng problema balik tayo sa original. Inyo na yang Islas Filipinas nyo amin na ang Mindanao. Okay!

    16. A few months ago, Ukraine was a peaceful country compared to Mindanao. They had no armed thugs like the MILF, MNLF, BIFF, Abu Sayyaf, the NPAs and heaven knows what else roaming the countryside. Look at Ukraine today. This is what happens when a country is torn apart. Syria, Yugoslavia, Libya, we can go on and on. Will there be a repeat of the Mindanao War of the 70’s, a war that the father of BS (Boy Sayad) helped start by the way? Maybe thats what the ultimate sponsors of this move really want. After all, wherever they meddle, bloodshed surely follows. Only by kicking out the yellow ribbon quislings who have been in power since 1986 can sanity our government be restored.

    17. let the bill come out first from Congress, and question it’s constitutionality after it is passed before judging on people responsible. That’s the best way to go…

    18. Patriotic Tsinoy on

      I’d like to add a tangential topic here on ethnic relations in the Phils. As a Manila-born Filipino of pure Chinese descent, I have always viewed the Philippines as my only home, and the interests of Filipinos of Malay and other ancestry as my own. This feeling runs across generations of my peers as well; we’re on the same boat as all Filipinos.

      Yet when the kidnapping scourge rears its ugly head, Tsinoys, the favorite kidnap-for-ransom targets, are the ones who suffer the most—and often in silence, out of fear that the corrupt system will find a way to shelter crooked cops and ensure retribution on those who dare speak out. When the issues of the Spratlys and Scarborough Shoal heat up, it is again Tsinoys that are the favorite whipping boys for their largely imagined disloyalty to Philippine interests, despite there never having been any Tsinoy org or person that so much as expressed a desire for the Philippines to cede those territories to China.

      Contrast that with the Moros (Morons?), who have repeatedly caused strife in what is supposed to be a resource-rich region (Mindanao). MNLF, MILF, ASG and a host of other orgs receiving funding from overseas, whose main aim is to split off from the rest of the Philippines as an Islamic state; whose members continue to smuggle drugs, kidnap, & terrorize the nether regions of the country. When they ventured into Malaysia to try and invade what they thought was their ancestral domain, Filipinos called them “our Muslim brothers” and proclaimed Muslim holidays like Eid’l Fitr also a Philippine holiday, despite the fact that the Phils is a 95% Catholic/Christian nation.

      As a patriotic Tsinoy, I can’t help but ask: we give what we can to national development, yet where is the love? Even before the recent maritime spat with China, I’ve noticed frissons of anti-Chinese sentiment on several occasions, so whence came that hatred that Pinoys have for Tsinoys? Seems Pinoys would rather embrace those that…

      • When every act of this government is based on the self interest of the government officials, and based on their greed and tremendous stupidity, the end result will be a monumental catastrophe. Please Lord, make Pnoy and his cohort comatose today.

      • Just to reassure you that majority of Filipinos( regardless of ancestry) at home or abroad are mostly peace loving people, and there maybe few ,just like any other country , who would turn out to be radicals, activists, and would think of themselves above the law and defiant of the law We have to stay united ,and resist division otherwise it will make us vulnerable to their plans to take over.

    19. Kung di nyo kya pamahalaan ang mindanao mag resign kyo… Di kyo magiging bida sa history… Pag tatawanan lang kayo ng mga anak ng Bayani ng Pilipinas… Utak ang ginagamit sa mga disisyon… Hindi ang noo… Magisip nga kayo ng maayos di yun kung anu lang ang maisip nyo yun na… Buti pa yun tambay sa kanto kung mag isip malalim…

    20. Kung papasa sa Tongress at sa Corte Suprema(opposition of this act will be questioned)ang Bangsamoro draft bill magkaroon ba ng PEACE o kapayapaan ang Mindanao?Para sa akin dahil tagaroon ako,kung mapatay ng MILF lahat ang MNLF,BFF at iba pang grupo na hindi sasangayon sa kagustuhan ng MILF at ng Bansang nasa likod nito, puedeng puede magkaroon ng kapayapaan ngunit iyan ay pangmadalian o temporary lamang.Kung STATUS QUO o walang changes sa ARRM lalong Okey para sa amin mga mindanoans dahil sanay na kami sa araw araw na bakbakan muslims kontra kristianos at muslim laban gobierno at ngayon muslins laban sa muslims.Ngunit sa tingin ko alam na alam ni Pnoy Aquino na hindi lulusot ang Draft na ito mula pa ng hindi pa nagumpisa ang kaguluhan na ito.Ang hindi alam ng gobiernong ito na alam din ng MILF na mahirapan ito lulusot sa Supreme Court dahil mga intellectuals at may patriotismo ang mga taong ito.Ito ba kaya ang dahilan kung bakit araw at gabi ay walang mubuting relation ang malacaang sa SC upang ibagsak ang sisi ng MILF sa kanila kung maging unconstitutional ang Bangsamoro Act?Alam na ng mga muslims ang strategy ng mga alipores ni Pnoy kaya humanda na sila.Ang hindi alam ni Pnoy pinaglaruan lamang siya ng mga MILF dahil sa wala siyang alam ng mga kaugalian ng muslims at sa pagpatakbo ng gobierno.Kapag hindi lulusot sa senado ang draft na ito dahil( home run na iyan sa lower house)malilintikan kayo hindi lang sa mga muslims pati na sa mga botante sa darating na 2016 at sa sanbayanang Pilipino.

    21. Horacio B. Freires on

      2 things were suggested to the govt: before..

      1- DELAY the BBA peace finalization till beyond 2016

      . . . .where there is no more oil in the middle east where we can negotiate in a stroger position. . They will have no more finance. . I believe the defect in the BBA submitted to Congress is a strategy for it. .

      2-NO LAND PLS

      . . . where they can install NUCLEAR MISSILES pointed to Metro Manila. . like what happened to India & Pakistan. . an error by a great peace-loving man. . Mahatma Ghandi. . Now there is indeed PEACE but in an athmosphere of FEAR. .

    22. Sharia law is not smart to implement. It gives muslims the right to rape people and get away with it. Cause sharia law don’t really protect womens rights. Also sharia law allows them to kill and murder non-muslims cause apparently non-muslims aren’t considered people. I’m just hoping they won’t start a war with the rest of Mindanao. That’d be sad.

    23. Shariah? Like what IS wants to implement in Iraq, Syria and the rest of the world?
      There is no wonder why even the Muslim friends I know are wary of this “Bangsamoro” thing. They will be put under the tyranny of terrorists. Not that they’re not yet under it… But this will just formalize it.

      • Right. hihingi sila ng tulong from the brothers in other country to arm them. Dahil may permit to carry firearms na sila dahil may sarili na silang kapulisan at hindi control ng national government, magpaparami ng magpaparami sila ng armas para gamitin against all of us.

    24. The risk of sounding rude and presumptuous is nothing compared to what’s at stake in this case. The proposed agreement refers to provinces, cities and towns whose total area is in the neighborhood of 30,000 sq. km. Add to this the additional areas still under consideration and you would have the area of Belgium..30,528 sq. km. In light of the earlier statements that this ‘concession’ will include “sharing power and wealth with the government”, the very concept of ‘Bangsamoro’ is, at the very least a very bad idea. The Filipino Muslim, (I’ve met some who’d rather be called ‘mujahedeen’ rather than Filipino), have never been subjugated, or restricted..in religion, commerce or residence. They have mosques, stores and homes everywhere in the country, especially in Metro-Manila. They are endowed with the freedoms that all other Filipinos have. Must we really give them a base where they could establish ‘sharia law’ and legally form an armed ‘militia’? Should we concede 10% of the country’s area of 300,000 sq. km. to just 4.8% of the population? One more question..will they ever be satisfied?

    25. Mr tiglao, ang sagot sa tanong mo kung nawala na sa katinuan ang
      magiting nating pnoy at ang kaniyang mga alipores, “matagal na,
      umpisa pa lang ng pamumuno nila, kitang kita na puro hanggin at
      kabag lang ang dala nila. Ngayon halos patapos na siya, ano pa
      maasahan ng bansa sa kaniya na wala sa wisiyo at tamang kaisipan.
      Saan ka makakakita ng Presidente kasama si mr Clean 2 na ng mapag-
      sabihan ng korte suprema na mali at hindi tama ang ginawa at Labag
      sa Constitution, imbis na sumunod, ang gusto ang batas ang sumunod
      sa kanilang 2 mag amo, kayat yung mga alipores niyang mga
      tongresmen na puro ganid at taksil sa bayan nag kukumahog na
      nagmungkahi, baguhin ang Constitution.
      Kaya mr Tiglao, matagal na at nuon pa may sayad. kita mo lahat halos
      ng alipores pawang may mga Sayad at pag pinuna ng taong Bayan
      ang mga hinayupak imbis na tanggalin o pagalitan man lang sa
      kamalian, babasbasan pa ng “I still Trust Him, all the way, forever and
      ever, always!! May sinipa na ba siya sa mga alipores niya, zero, as
      in wala.

    26. Nur Misuari was a spent force already during the Marcos administration, Enter Cory and all of a sudden the MNLF resurrected from the grave. Erap crushed the MILF and now another Aquino in the picture in Pnoy now even giving away Mindanao to the MILF. I am now inclined to believe that this Aquino family is really a family of traitors.

    27. It is about time we end the centuries-old conflict in Mindanao that has claimed thousands of lives, both Moros and Christians, not to mention the suffocating economic stagnation in the region. Successive administrations have tried to solve this problem and failed. Now that peace is at hand, despite remnants of renegade elements, let’s try to do our part and support the efforts of the government for a lasting peace. It may not be perfect, but it’s a modest start. There are multi-national pledges of financial, investment, and other economic support that hinge on the BBL implementation. This infusion of capital and investment is critical to the progress of Mindanao. I don’t know where he’s coming from or where his political loyalty resides, but the writer of the article, Rigoberto Tiglao, seems obsessed with wrecking havoc on the agreement. Although I have not read the full draft of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, Mr. Tiglao appears to focus on this particular provision, “In the exercise of its right to self-governance and self-determination, the Bangsamoro is free to pursue its economic, social and cultural development,” to warn of a possible secession. The draft was supposedly worked within the framework of the Constitution, so whatever rights granted to this law is subservient to the Constitution that allowed it to be created in the first place. Pretty much like the US Constitution that has granted some autonomy to the States and the Indian Reservations, this self-governance privilege does not grant to these entities the right to unilaterally secede. This is not the time to play political games, Mr. Tiglao. My take.

      • Sir, I don’t think Mr. Tiglao seems obsessed with wrecking havoc on the agreement. Question is, “what if?” Is there any provision in the proposed BBL that would prevent the Bangsamoro from seceding in the future, if and when the BBL is finally enacted into law and implemented? I’m reminded of our baseball coach in high school who always reminded us to “cover our bases”.

      • @SF PARTIBLE
        are you from mindanao? we are living peacefully here, we don’t need such BBL or whatsoever that thing is. erap could have solve the thing if not only for GMA’s foolishness. now, here comes the inept leader, that with such great ignorance will torn the lives of the filipinos living in mindanao.

      • Kapag may sarili na silang kalayaan to govern themselves, mas lalo nang walang kontrol ang Phil. Government sa kanila. Mas lalong hindi magiging payapa. Ang kontrol ng gobyerno sa Mindanao ang nagbibigay ng kapayapaan, hindi man total peace pero controlled in compare sa kung separated na sila from the Phil. Government. Ang solution diyan ay mag-act ang government as a government. I-concentrate ang pagsugpo sa mga terorista sa Mindanao (at kahit saang panig ng Pilipinas), tanggalan ng armas ang mga hindi member ng PNP at AFP. Hindi umuusad ang pag-unlad sa Mindanao kasi hindi safe, hindi mapayapa.

    28. BS Aquino is so ready to cede away land, even if means breaking up the country and specifically Mindanao. Yet the fool doesn’t have an iota of decency to give up even an inch of Hacienda Luisita back to its rightful owners!

    29. Another column with great insight. I never could understand why Pnoy is so bent on splitting the Nation with terrorists. Of course I know he does not care about what the Constitution says, but it seems he does not care about anything written on any “piece of paper”. What were they thinking?

    30. I wonder how Associate Justice Marvic Leonen will rule on the Bangsamoro Basic Law when it is elevated to the Supreme Court? Will he plead conflict of interests? This should prove interesting.

    31. I got so angry reading this column that I am not able to finish it.

      The gall of Aquino and his negotiators to prepare this bill that will dismember the Republic. HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED AND DRAGGED OUT OF MALACANANG!!!

      Mr Tiglao, please continue to write about this Bangsamoro bill and all the other anomalies of Aquino.

      God bless you.

    32. One of the use of the DAP money was to appease the other stake holders of this peace treaty so they will not make noise during the final processing of the proposed Bangsamoro Entity. But who got most of the money? Answer: Most of the political allies of Aquino in the ARMM like Hataman, officials in the Maguindanao and other muslim dominant provinces, etc. I don’t think the negotiations were done sincerely to include all the real stake holders. And that is a recipe to a failed negotiation.

    33. No wonder that the Chinese are mocking the Philippines and now claiming areas, even the sea, which belongs to the Philippines territorial waters. Why not? the Chinese will say. And I agree. If the mischievous one PNoy is willing to commit treason by giving away lands belonging to the Republic of the Philippines to a small faction of Muslims scattered all over the Mindinao archipelago, why will he be too concerned if the Chinese will build structures in Philippine territorial waters which are even so far from Philippine mainland. See how really stupid this mischievous PNoy is. But really, this Bangsamor Agreement, I suspect is the brainchild of LLamas, Celes, Ferrer and other leftist allies of PNoy for whatever personal reasons knowing that PNoy does not know anything about the Muslim problem in Mindanao. Apparently the same personalities convinced PNoy that he will surely receive the Nobel Peace Prize of he can pull this out. Poor PNoy.

      • I agree that China is looking at this and can only conclude that the Philippines will give up any part of the land to maintain peace.

    34. It is ironic how Pnoy gives away Philippine territory without a fight and then battle with China and several other nations for ownership of land that is not part of the country in official maps. Only Pnoy can do that.

    35. One only loses what he has! I mean a mind that is coherent, logical and practical. As in the DAP, this BBL is another sign of stubbornness as this is not the first time that similar provisions were already declared unconstitutional in a previous SC decision.

      Who doesn’t want peace in Mindanao or anywhere? But, with the exclusion of previous major players, how can there be a comprehensive peace agreement? I surmise that this agreement will just be an “agreement to disagree”.

      Nevertheless, I’d like to hope that this can be something to “start with” or to work on by the government and the people of Mindanao. Peace.

    36. President Nonoy Aquino is the most stupid president the Philippines ever had./

      He is so ignorant, so vain, I mean this guy is so incompetent, how did we all get into this mess. On this peace accord, he committed the Republic to treaty that gave away parts of the Philippines when he did not have the authority to do so.

      We need to fire everybody in Malacanang.

      • ang nakakataka dito ay bakit yung mga alalay ni aquino na supposedly bright/intelligent people ay hindi umangal sa ginawang pagbaboy sa ating bayan na hahatiin ni aquino; and the bigger question is why would congress, led by drillon and belmonte who are supposedly,again, bright/intelligent persons, would agree to the balkanization of the country; hwag naman sanang dahil sa dap/pork ang dahilan.

    37. I am your follower and I agreed with what you have said and written. I just want to ask the good writer about his honest feeling toward the affected Families who lost their loving husbands, brothers and sons at war with the Moros. Never mind of the death Moros in the other side, I know you were laughing toward the sky instead of saying sorry for them. Is the land supposed to be returned to the Moros worth for the redemption of the destructed lives and properties would be when a full blown of war will breakout again as a result of selfishness? Hundred of thousands lives wasted in the war. It dragged on for more than forty yours now since it erupted but both sides have not learned and felt tired. What would we expect from the aggrieved people if the colonizer could not even give back a little of their loots. It should be remembered with depth feeling that the disputed land does not belong to any grabber but for the Moro Muslim, Christian and Lomad only. If others have the guts to fight for something that does not belong to them, how about the true owners? Justice is well serve only when no one is left disregarded of his right. It just unfortunate that those who are talking about other corruptions in the Philippines could not see themselves also corrupted body and soul.

      • i agree with you…i don’t care if constitutional or not, what is important is peace and end the suffering & miseries of our people there…give peace a chance and peace will only be achieve by reaching out and giving what was desired…if in the future they finally secede from the republic then let them have it just to have peace..it is more beneficial to the philippines if these moros is out of our country…

      • I think it is a big insult to those families who lost their loving husbands, brothers and sons at war with the Moros if they pass this bill.

      • what owners? who owns who? aren’t we a filipino under one republic? if they will secede then other religious may have the right to secede also, INC, etc. autonomy should not be based on religious affiliation or belief.

    38. the moros thought that the philippine senators and congressmen are ignorant although they are bribed by the president but they are not ignorant of the laws..

    39. aquino oversimplified things in his quest for peace and international recognition. and as simpleton,he believes giving in to the demands of milf for a separate republic will solve the decades old conflict in the south with a nobel prize to boot. how simplistic he can get! truth is, he wants to do away with the moros believing that they are a pain in the ass. solution? simple. separate them from the republic! he really doesn’t care if this would mean dismembering the country.it is actually his intention. aquino will be unkindly judged by history for his treasonous act.

    40. the bangsamoro having its own police force is a prescription for war should there be among them who got further interest than just the scope of the bangsamoro bill. should there be an uprising against the whole country as a whole, the results would be bloody. they, the bangsamoro, already got a foothold. the creation of the bangsamoro. what would prevent them now in not having a bigger interest in the scope of things in let’s say making the whole country as a bagsamoro republic. that would be scary. the republic cannot go forward if everytime there is grave disagreement or misunderstanding with our muslim brothers that we resort to war. there will be surely among them, who being dissatisfied with what they have or what they have been given, will rise in arms, not among the people of the bangsamoro, but against the republic. and maybe by then, if the dumb and stupid former president we have now who allowed the birth of the bangsamoro would still be alive, realize that it was a big mistake afterall.

    41. Dear Ochoa, Caguioa,

      who do you think you are Bangsamoro Draft, splitting the country, the executive cannot split the country once and for all I will say this, even if you keep the Revised Penal Code” and have your budget, I HOLD
      HAVE ONE DOCUMENT WHICH IF I TEAR IT YOUR ENTIRE MONEY, budget connected to RPC, subsidies even if all the CIA will sign, shall once and once erased permanently, then what is next the Chinese Gov’t shall take over everything from the money, police army education, your Cambodia. TRY ME!

    42. Please be informed that my father Col. Ramon P. Mendoza (deceased), invented the description of Filipino Muslims “MORO”, refer to the book of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, United Nations council for Ethnic Group. Whatever you say the group Filipino who call themselves as Bangsamoro are PHYSICALLY residing situated in the Philippine Geographical Territory within the soverign power of the Philippines. In International Laws their names are very Filipino and whatever it is they remain within the soverign power of the state of the Philippines. Bangsamoro are residing everywhere in Mindanao, and if they are Muslims they either belong to a tribe like, Tausog, Marawi, which are all Filipino Muslims Tribes whose foots feets walk the Philippine ground subject to the PNP police arrest, traffic lights, pedestrian walking, health center services. Your creation of a so-called issue with their names does not in whatever way separate them from the Phil. Gov’t powers and supervisions. Bangsamoro are within the supervision of the Department of Local Government, Comelec, PNP, Department of Education and receives money from the Philippine Gov’t, they are all part of the whole gov’t bureaucracy.
      I really hate to speak because I feel stolen the other party are ignorant, let say this the Batasan Pambansa cannot allow this Bangsamoro draft with it own money, I shall call upon the US to engage the Bangsamoro and the Malaysian in actual combat WAR.

      Bangsamoro Draft calls for actual declaration of blood shed WAR fro the Philippine Gov’t and by Law the United States of American in Okinawa and Singapore shall engage the Bangsamoro and Malaysia in actual WAR.
      Bangsamoro proclamation cannot split the country because only the lawful owners , I am Roslee B. Mendoza the lawful owner of the 7,100 islands of the Philippine Archipelago and once the Bangsamoro Draft is passed I shall call the US. if the refuse I shall call the Japanese Government and Chinese Government to annihilate…

      • Baka ikaw ma annihilate. Muslims are not pests to be annihilated. That is basically the zionist ideology which is repugnant to human society.

    43. Not mentioned in all of this is the motive and behind-the-scenes maneuvering of foreign powers like the US, Malaysia and even the UK who sent Tony Blair to Mindanao. I personally fear for what awaits the Philippines. These foreign powers know that the BBL cannot be obtained through constitutional means and they will do it extra-constitutionally through the classic, sinister and time-tested divide and conquer means. Think Libya, Iraq and Syria. And what’s in it for these foreign meddlers? The vast untapped natural resources of Mindanao. These foreign powers are drowning in debt and their economies are facing collapse, and with that collapse will come the end of their fiat currencies. When that happens, he who holds the gold, or the natural resources, rules. God help the Philippines and may the Filipinos wake up before it’s too late.

      • That is the Plan. The Us has done this in many countries. In SouthEast Asia, they are doing this clandestinely is the South of Thailand using Malaysia. Just like the Southern Philippines again using Malaysia. The freak disappearance of the MAS plane is also the handiwork of the US. Same as the shooting down of a plane in Ukraine again a MAS plane.
        The US is in bed with the Terrorist who they made up themselves to justify their global ambitions.
        They tried to do it in Sri Lanka and Indonesia but they did not succeed.

    44. How B. Aquino goes on with all the pretensions including the Executive Secretary. Philippine Constitution mandates that all laws must originate in the lower house of the Batasan Pambansa as an enrolled bill. However, the Bangsamoro Draft came first from the office of the president then to the Batasan Pambansa. It seems that the Philippine Government is in flagrant violation of the Constitution whether such practice is experimental it is in disregard of the law. My suspicion says that the Pinoys are imitating the US president as regards Treaty. Please take note that the US is a superpower which deals with several countries in its’ daily works and EXIGENCIES demand that the US president take an outright action therefore the US Constitution permits the president to get into an agreement however subject to the approval of the US congress and its details. Our Philippine Constitution does not provide such maneuver and whatever it is the Phil. Gov’t is acting in total disregard of the law. Instead of imitating and at the same time violating the Constitution, why don’t you research in the US Congress Library to determine the spirit and intention of the particular enactment, instead of violatings and with apology the gov’t appears to be some caricature. Please to include the Presidential Legal Counsel and Secretary Butch Abad.

    45. Baka umandar ulit the PDAF and DAP so Malakanyang can give “motivation and incentive” to Kongreso-Pilipinas to approve the BBL.

      But seriously… the BBL-document has many flaws. And are there words that require the MILF to lay down their arms?