Bangsamoro law loses mass support

GIVE PEACE A CHANCE Women participating in the ceremony marking the 4th anniversary of the i nfamous Jabidah massacre which sparked the Moro rebellion hold ‘quote bubbles’ reflecting their position pushing for the passage of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law. PHOTO BY MELYN ACOSTA

GIVE PEACE A CHANCE Women participating in the ceremony marking the 4th anniversary of the i nfamous Jabidah massacre which sparked the Moro rebellion hold ‘quote bubbles’ reflecting their position pushing for the passage of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law. PHOTO BY MELYN ACOSTA

The bloody Mamasapano incident has largely eroded the public’s acceptance of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

If the latest Pulse Asia survey is to be used as yardstick, even the people in Mindanao—62 percent of them—do not support the BBL which would pave the way for the creation of a new autonomous region.

Throughout the country, 44 percent or about five in 10 Filipinos who responded to the poll oppose the passage of the BBL.

A proposal pending in Congress calls for the holding of a plebiscite on the BBL in areas to be included in the new autonomous region should the measure gets cleared by the national legislature.

Among the areas that are to be included in the new Bangsamoro autonomous region include the current areas under the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), the cities of Cotabato and Isabela, and several areas in North Cotabato.

The proposed BBL is the end-result of years of painstaking peace negotiation between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

Pulse Asia Research Inc. conducted the survey from March 1 to 7 as the nation continues to reel from the aftermath of the Mamasapano incident where 44 policemen from the PNP Special Action Force were killed in a gun battle with armed men belonging to the MILF, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters as well as private armed groups.

The police operation was carried out to serve an arrest warrant against suspected international terrorists Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and Abdul Basit Usman.
Marwan was also killed in the incident.

The firestorm generated by the death of the government troopers has threatened to derail the passage of the BBL, as it cast doubts on the sincerity of the MILF and its commitment to the peace process.

The clash has also magnified the supposedly unconstitutional provisions in the BBL, holding back legislators from passing the proposed measure within the deadline.

According to the survey more people in Mindanao believe the BBL should not be passed by lawmakers, compared to those in Metro Manila (52%), Luzon (32%), and the Visayas (43%).

Thirty-six percent remain undecided on the controversial measure, while 21 percent of the respondents support its passage, the survey said.

Among all regions, the lowest level of indecision about their stand on the BBL was recorded in Mindanao at 18 percent.

In the rest of Luzon, 43 percent are undecided, while 40 percent are undecided in the Visayas.

Meanwhile, Pulse Asia survey recorded a high level of awareness among Filipinos regarding the BBL.

Nine in 10 Filipinos or 88 percent said they have heard, read or watched something about the proposed law.

The survey showed that in terms of geographic area, awareness on the BBL was highest in Mindanao (93 percent), followed by Metro Manila and Balance Luzon (both 87 percent), and Visayas (82 percent).

In terms of socio-economic class, BBL awareness was highest among Class ABC (92 percent), followed by Class D (89 percent), and Class E (82 percent).

With the news about the Mamasapano clash still hogging the headlines, Pulse Asia reported that virtually all Filipinos (99 percent) are aware of the Mamasapano clash.


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  1. Mahirap paniwalaan ang RANDOM SAMPLING ng Pulse Asia dito….1,200 random sampling from Aparr – Ilocas – Metro Manila – Tacloban to Davao….mukhang mai ang mwethodology…mahirap paniwalaan…

    Mas iintindihin ng mga taga-Tondo Parola (squatter problem) ang kanilang abang lugar kaysa sa Maguindanao…..mas uunahin ng mga Ilocano ang problema sa mataas na singil ng kuryente at bukirin nila kaysa sa Mindanao…
    Mas concerns ang mga taga-CORDILLERA / Northern Luzon sa mahigit 3,000 NPA Guerillas sa kanilang lugar kaysa MILF..
    Mas concerns ang mga taga-CENTRAL LUZON at Southern Tagalog sa mataas na UNEMPLOYMENT rate kaysa sa MILF.

    Mas concerns sa MRT / LRT mess ang mga taga-Metro Manila kaysa sa MILF..
    Anong paki-alam ng mga taga-Payatas QC sa MILF ?
    REHAB pna ang tutukan ng SAMAR-LEYTE kaysa sa problema ng Maguindanao.

  2. No to the Bangsamoro…!

    Pnoy will pay dearly for this treason, along with Ferrer, Deles, Leonen, and Iqbal and Jaafar..that is, if they are Filipinos at all…

    Aquino-Cojuangcos a family of traitors…

  3. Our government is full of liars. To believe those opossong and endorsing the BBL is a big rist.
    Let those involved in crafting the BBL, and supporters die of old age and let us restart the process again. No liars !!!

  4. Rosauro Feliciano on

    What else our brother Muslims want when they already have all their freedoms they want, except perhaps their leaders want to have the status of Saddam Hussein or Ghaddafi or want to join the Federation of Malaysia, which our peace panel is in cohort with Iqbal? All of us are sure that the ordinary Muslim Filipinos are against amputation of hands and other inhuman acts. Our Muslim women are against having their husbands more than them as wives. Better SAY NO to the bbl for good NOW!!!

    • Ano itong lumalabas na balita tungkol sa citizenship at pasaporte ni Murad, Jaffar, Iqbal?

  5. just maintain and improve the ARMM while annihilate the MILF, BIFF, ASGs and other armed groups to submission and extinction. this is the only solution not negotiations. the negotiations ended when the ARMM was created. After this any other armed groups who cause trouble should be dealth with..the moro rebs opposing the government are for independence and must be destroyed. peace agreement will never work for them. anyone who think otherwise is a moron.

  6. Carl Cid Inting on

    The Bangsamoro law did not lose mass support, because it never had mass support to begin with. In Mindanao, the Bangsamoro law was always unpopular because it is not inclusive. The people in Mindanao cannot understand why government is talking to only one belligerent group to the exclusion of Christians, Lumads and other Muslim tribes.

  7. Scrap BBL,abolish autonomous regions both ARMM and Mountain province,give all armed groups a chance to surrender and amnesty to those who qualify,then allout war to establish one authority for the whole country.It can be done just need a strong leader not a coward and a traitor leader that we have now.

    • The Cordillerans are happy with what they have. Let them be. The BBL may still be a good start, but the kinks and loopholes should be addressed to make it compliant with our Constitution.

  8. Vicente Penetrante on

    Maybe the people of Mindanao simply want to be treated like any other province, but with more freedom to choose good and better candidates in elections. They do not want self-imposed leaders.

  9. With the BBL in our national agenda, our leaders of consequence should take heed of how America won the west. Instead of surrendering land to the Indians they they pacified them, buying lands from Russia, France, annexing lands from Spanish America. Look at the City of New York, it is now a beautiful melting society of different people and culture where Muslims and Christians can live together in harmony. There is indeed a serious flaw in our national policy of preserving our beloved LUZVIMINDA. Instead of ensuring peace, the BBL will be a major cause of concern. The armed displays of Commander Kato and Bravo before the passage of this BBL and the massacre of our commandos are omen to come. The people in Mindanao know best.

  10. 62% in Mindinao oppose the BBL. That is enough to tell everyone that the MILF does not represent the people of Mindinao. Junk it and all MILF agreements. Go back and do it right. Start with a council of province governors to investigate the ARMM and report their findings to the Congress.

    • BBL is useless, if referendum will be held why not include all areas in the Philippines ? if all Filipinos approved this, it will create a good legitimacy.

    • Perhaps the 62% conducted by Pulse Asia Survey in Mindanao was fraud, because Pulse Asia Survey did not reach some Cities of Mindanao like Marawi City, Cotabato City, even in Iligan City, therefore we can’t base what they talked in Media and sometimes Media broadcasting is not Fair due to discrimination to others. For me, I do believe if the Pulse Asia Survey ask one on one or person to person, the main problem and doubt to my self is that our Pulse Asia Survey did not Reach to ask the Moro people Thats the big question? For your Information The BBL is exclusive only to Moro people and the land of Bangsamoro mentioned on the Basic Law.. You guys not affected to the New up coming BANGSAMORO.. please don’t over reacted regarding the BBL to find the Peace in Mindanao. Let us support the BBL.. BBL is also a Islamic Law for Filipino Muslim and their land territory. For those who are against the BBL please do read About what is on the Bangsamoro Basic Law? Rather than critizised without our knowledge.

  11. ARMM was establish to give peace a chance , then what is the difference between BBL ? it is the POWER that they want , not PEACE, what is important is GOOD MANAGEMENT IN DELIVERING SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC SERVICES to the people of ARMM. Assuming without granting that BBL will be establish and we choose BAD managers therefore PEACE will never happen.