Bangsamoro urged to continue fight vs poverty, terrorism


SHARIFF AGUAK, Maguindanao: Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Gov. Mujiv Hataman urged the people of the Bangsamoro continue the fight against poverty and terrorism during ongoing commemoration of the 6th Bangsamoro Week of Peace that officiallly opened on Monday in a ceremony at the ORG (Office of the Regional Governor) compound in Cotabato City. This year’s theme is “Bangsamoro: Revisiting the Past, Continuing the Cause.” “We may not be in the middle of war but it does not mean that we have to stop the struggle. We need to fight the causes of poverty and terrorism,” Hataman said. He added that it is only in remembering the previous struggles of the Bangsamoro can today’s generation be empowered to continue the cause and achieve lasting peace in this part of the country. “It is very important that we have to continue the struggle until we have achieved a genuine peace,” the ARMM governor said. Hataman pointed out how technology is a double-edged sword, with the youth becoming more vulnerable to misinformation as they gain access to the Internet. Executive Director Amir Mawallil of the Office of the Bangsamoro Youth Affairs echoed the go-vernor, saying what the youth learns about the history of the Bangsamoro is crucial in developing their consciousness. “Their every action must be rooted in something bigger than themselves, there should be lessons, and must be rooted too in the recognition of the true history of the Bangsamoro,” he added.The Bangsamoro Week of Peace that is celebrated annually on March 18 also commemorates the Jabidah Massacre, which is considered a pivotal point in the Bangsamoro struggle. “I know it is painful for us to recall the sad part of Bangsamoro history but this has prompted us to fight for our rights and in our struggle for our identity and right to self- determination,” Hataman said.


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