• Bank accountant arrested for unauthorized withdrawals


    A FEMALE bank accountant was arrested after she tried to withdraw funds from a client’s account using an automated security text message from the bank itself.

    Police Superintendent Jenny Tecson, spokesperson of the Southern Police District, identified the suspect as Jeannie Jacobe, 32, accountant at the Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. branch at The Fort Sapphire, and a resident of B-2, Lot 28, Deca Homes, Tanza Cavite.

    Tecson identified the the victim as Hershey Anguluan, 36, married, and a resident of Lot 73, FTI Complex, Taguig City.

    Initial investigation showed that Anguluan was informed through Viber that there was a pending request for a fund transfer transaction from the account of Grand Eight Export Parking Logistic Corp., where she is president, to the personal account of the suspect amounting to P6, 000.

    This prompted Anguluan to immediately call the bank and advised them to cease and annull such transaction.

    Anguluan also discovered that there were three other transactions that were successfully withdrawn from her account amounting to P30,000. The bank/company, however, failed to inform her regarding these transactions, which may have emboldened Jacobe to repeat the withdrawals.

    Jacobe is now facing charges for violation of Article 172 of the Revised Penal Code, or “Falsification by a private individual and use of falsified documents.”

    Police are now investigating whether it is an isolated case or if the suspect was working with other bank personnel. JAMES KONSTANTIN GALVEZ



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