• Bank employees volunteer for ‘Road to 2020’

    BPI/MS volunteers pose for the camera after a job well done at Buhay Punlaan

    BPI/MS volunteers pose for the camera after a job well done at Buhay Punlaan

    BPI team participates in tree-planting activity at Buhay Punlaan
    BUHAY PUNLAAN is Haribon Foundation’s nursery of native trees established at the Caliraya Watershed in Lumban, Laguna. The fertile ground covers a two-hectare area and serves as a reliable source of native tree seedlings, in support of Haribon’s “Road to 2020,” a campaign to restore one million hectares of forest by year 2020 by planting native tree species.

    Employees of the Bank of the Philippines/Mitsui Sumitomo (BPI/MS) went to Buhay Punlaan in support of Haribon’s vision and as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities. The day started with a discourse on how important native trees are to the environment and how they provide sanctuaries and sustenance for indigenous biodiversity. Haribon also demonstrated on how to properly plant and care for a seedling. The BPI/MS group then proceeded to pack nutrient-rich mixture of soil and compost in small bag containers that will serve as seedling bags. They collected 200 germinated young plants then placed in the prepared seedling bags. They also planted some indigenous saplings in the Buhay Punlaan’s grounds.

    Preparing nutrient-rich compost for wildlings

    Preparing nutrient-rich compost for wildlings

    The activity made the BPI/MS realize the importance of nature conservation.

    “When our group arrived at the tree planting site, it looked like a lonely paradise with only one person to tend the whole compound who instructed us on the basics of tree planting. I am thankful, however, that despite the small numbers, we are still persevering to make a difference by taking the initiative to be a part in restoring our forests. Two hundred seedlings may be small compared to the hectares of lost forestry in our country; but I hope that through our action, this will inspire other people to take a step towards a greater cause,“ Jessica Elizabeth de Leon, collection assistant said.

    It was an enlightening experience for all involved. Some of the employees thought the task ahead was easy but as Michael Lorenz Bautista, sales associates shared, “[I thought] we just need to dig some soil then just put the seed there, but I was wrong, it took a lot of effort, patience and knowledge to properly plant a seed and make it grow. I thank Haribon Foundation for taking such step in preserving our forest as well our environment. Magtanim ay di biro!”

    Many of them felt exhilarated and inspired to take action towards conserving the environment especially because of the dwindling number of the country’s natural forests.

    “This elevated my passion to help and serve not only other people but also our Mother Nature. Being part of the Haribon Road to 2020 activity at Bahay Punlaan is such a privilege that I learned the whole scope of restoring our Forest. Truly it was an amazing experience to plant a tree; I felt I planted love and hope for the next generations,” added Abbey Acosta, specialized accounting manager.

    BPI/MS president Kenichi Tanabe concluded, “Humans hold responsibility for the global warming. And our company, BPI/MS Insurance always think about what can be done, and what kind of activities would be useful to our lives, to the areas we operate our business, and to society. This is our first activity of our CSR in 2015. We made 200 pots for new plants and planted some trees. We are happy to see growth of these trees and hope they will help to save our earth.”

    Act. Make an Impact. Support Haribon. To join Haribon’s Adopt-A-Seedling, Nurture-A-Seedling programs, and Tree Planting Activities, call: +63 (2) 421-1209 and/or email: act@haribon.org.ph to make a donation today!


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