Baraan denies involvement in illegal drugs


FORMER Justice undersecretary Francisco Baraan 3rd on Wednesday denied links to drug syndicates that operated in the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa, saying he did not supervise the national penitentiary.

“All I can say now is that this is something I totally cannot imagine myself being involved in; it contradicts the deepest Christian values I hold dear. I know myself, and in due time the truth will prevail,” Baraan said in a statement.

On Tuesday, President Rodrigo Duterte, who had earlier accused former Justice secretary and now Sen. Leila
de Lima of benefiting from drug money through her driver-bodyguard, said de Lima and Baraan were among the highest government officials in a “matrix” of personalities involved in the drug trade in Bilibid.

Like de Lima, Baraan pointed out that he could do nothing against the President’s attacks.

“I respect our President, but I am powerless before him. All I ask is fairness and due process, a chance to vindicate myself in a formal proceeding. If a complaint will be filed, so then I will have the opportunity to present my side,” he said.

Baraan clarified that the Bureau of Corrections (Bucor) was just one of several Justice department agencies under his “limited administrative supervision.”

“As [undersecretary]having limited administrative supervision of Bucor, I did never oversee, either on the ground or from a distance, the prison operations in Bucor’s seven penal colonies, more so the National Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa. As wrongly reported, I was not [undersecretary]in charge of the Bilibid: this is a total misconception,” he said.

His job as far as Bucor was concerned was just to countersign documents or contracts for de Lima’s signature, he said.

“That takes just a few minutes. Then, for Bucor my task is done that day. I then do my other tasks like resolving petitions for review, attending meetings, receiving foreign guests, etc.,” he explained.

Baraan pointed out that he was one of the members of the official Philippine panel that successfully negotiated the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement with the US.


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  1. If all denials of drug protectors, druglords and syndicates are true, there is no drug problem in the Philippines but only in the imagination of the people and of the President and those victims are only make believe. Almost all Drug suspects have similar reasons and alibis,- they are not involved! So who is involved? Just imagination of the President that there is a drug problem in the National Penitentiary and the millions of money are just play money?

  2. Mabait na Pinoy on

    This is an old song and the Filipino people have heard it hundreds of times before, that when a high ranking government official caught with their pants down or their hands in cookie jars, they tend to play the old song, and sometimes they use the “out of the loop” defense. Baraan needs to be interrogated, NOT investigated but interrogated until he starts singing the song. Your name, Mr. Baraan, did not appear on that list by accident.The names on that list have been validated so many times and they (government) have strong evidence against you. Up to this day, I have not seen, nor heard, any accused that filed lawsuits against the government for defamation.