Barangay governance: Does it really work?

Erwin Tulfo

Erwin Tulfo

Today, we choose once again a set or group of people who we believe can best run the barangay that we live in.

The people will elect their respective chairman and six “kagawads” or barangay councilors who will serve until 2016.

These barangay leaders are expected to be the first responders to problems that may arise in their areas of responsibilities.

But do these local officials really work? Or does the so-called smallest unit form of government really function?

Well, the answer lies within each barangay. There are barangays whose officials are hardworking and trustworthy while some are lazy and drunkards, and the rest are abusive and corrupt.

And when it comes to its performance as a government unit, it solely depends if the barangay officials are allies or opponents of the incumbent mayor.

If its officials are friends of the mayor, that barangay will surely enjoy the support of that city’s or municipality’s chief executive.

And for those barangay officials who did not support the incumbent mayor during the last election, they may just have to wait for another 9 years for an ally to get into the city hall.

Choose wisely folks.

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Former politico a fake?
What’s this I heard all the way frrom Visayas that a former politician earned the ire of quake victims when he went there lately?

According to the rumor, Mr. Politico was supposed to distribute relief goods in the area. He heads an agency that helps disaster and war victims.

But to the dismay of everyone, instead of simply handing out bags of relief food and water to victims, this nincompoop “trapo” (traditional politician) wanted a photo and video shoot of him handing out goodies to victims.

And he wanted an angle where he would look like a savior while the victims like beggars.

When the mayor of the said town saw the incident, he ordered Mr. Politico and his men to stop distributing relief goods and leave the town since he can not stomach seeing his constituents being reduced to beggars by this former lawmaker and his posse from a big international non-government organization (NGO).

Tsk…tsk…what a shame!


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  1. You hit the nail on the head regarding the abusive behavior of this trapo. I guess you are referring to ex sen dick gordon who heads the philippine national red cross. Aside from being abusive, this guy also possesses a dictatorial attitude, hence, it is just right that his name is dick.