• Barbie Forteza is GMA’s first bright star for 2017



    For Barbie Forteza, having her new primetime series chosen as the first to air on GMA this new year is a big blessing. The teen star can really be called GMA’s first bright star for 2017. She’s the first Kapuso lead star to have a press con for the year together with her co-stars in the romantic-comedy series Meant To Be.

    “I’m honored and at the same time, challenged. I’m nervous because, it’s the start of the year and Meant To Be is the year opener for GMA. However, I am confident that the viewers will like what we are offering. They will have a good time watching our series because it’s light, nakakakilig and at the same time, may puso. This is the type of show that people of all ages will really enjoy,” Barbie averred.

    The fun that the cast is having on the set easily translates into the screen because, everyone is so relaxed working with one another. Barbie takes pride in the fact that she and her four leading men—Ken Chan, Jak Roberto, Ivan Dorschner and Addy Raj—are already very close because they have been bonding even before they started taping. Their workshop for the series did the trick for them to be very close and comfortable with each one.

    Barbie Forteza

    Barbie Forteza

    Fun is how Barbie sums up her working with her four leading men. She swears she is having a good time with them on the set.

    “Yan ang nagagawa ng kape,” she said while letting a hearty laugh. “They are often with me on the set because we have lots of scenes together. We occupy the same standby area so we always talk. Lahat kami makukulit. There are many times when we shoot in a location where we need to be on the set at 2 a.m. so to ward off yung antok namin, madalas nagkukulitan.”

    Most of the time, there is one who starts joking. “Iba talaga nagagawa ng kape! Lahat kami kumukulit. Even the most quiet among us, si Jak, nagiging makulit. But the one who is forever hyper is Addy. He starts the fun most of the time. Pinakatahimik si Jak, pinakamabiro si Ken and Ivan is the most malambing. What’s good is their real-life character fits their respective characters in the show.”

    Among her four leading men, there is also one who always ends up being laughed at and it’s none other than Ken. “It’s always Ken because he is the one who is always sleeping. He is also, among the four boys, ‘yung hindi mapigilang magkanin, that’s why he is always the one we bully.”

    Barbie frowns on the comparison of Meant To Be to the phenomenal Taiwanese series years back, Meteor Garden. She points out the only similarity it has with their show is that, there are four men and one woman in the lead but that’s about it. “Our series is also a family-oriented show. It’s not only about my character Billie and the four men in her life. It’s also about our families.”

    Barbie Forteza (center) with ‘Meant To Be’ co-stars (from left) Ivan Dorschner, Ken Chan, Jak Roberto and Addy Raj IG.COM/BARBARAFORTEZA

    Barbie Forteza (center) with ‘Meant To Be’ co-stars (from left) Ivan Dorschner, Ken Chan, Jak Roberto and Addy Raj IG.COM/BARBARAFORTEZA

    Meant To Be starts airing on Monday after Alyas Robinhood and Barbie cannot contain her excitement.

    “Siksik kasi siya. A lot of things will happen on the first week of airing. May development agad ang story. The cha­racters will be introduced and it will also be shown how and why I will be a part of my four leading men’s life. And let us not forget the other stars of Meant To Be like Tita Gloria Romero, my millennial lola; there’s Sef Cadayona, my kuya; sina Miss Manilyn Reynes, Kristina Paner and Sheryl Cruz, known collectively as Triplets and many others. So, who’s not gonna get excited?”

    * * *

    Ryza Cenon seems to be very effective in her portrayal as the villainess Georgia in the afternoon series Ika-6 Na Utos. A lot of viewers have started to hate her that she gets a lot of hate messages on social media.

    Showbuzz was a witness to the hate while in Hong Kong before New Year when a middle aged-woman approached and said that she believes Ryza must be used to having relationships with married men and warned that if she ever sees the actress, she would tell her to keep her hands off married men.

    Showbuzz assured her that Ryza is a very nice and decent lady and what she sees in the soap is just her portrayal of Georgia.

    Ryza told Showbuzz that she even gets threats already.

    “Sasabubutan daw ako pag nakita ako or they would slap me. There was even one who said, she would throw acid on my face. I get so amazed on how some people can’t separate what is real and what’s not. In a way, I’m so happy because it just means I’m doing a good job as an actress. I’m careful though when I go out in public, baka nga bigla na lang may sumugod at manakit sa akin,” Ryza said.

    In real life, Ryza is carrying romance with unmarried man Cholo Barretto. They have been together for three months. They spent the whole Christmas season together. They have also introduced one another to their respective families.

    “I’m so happy with the warm reception the Barrettos showed me. Cholo experience the same warmth from my family. He even said that because of that, he already loves my brother and my grandmother who were with us during the Christmas season,” Ryza enthused.

    Is Ryza ready to settle down? “No,” she quickly replied. We have just been together for three months. Besides, it’s only now that I feel that my career is really getting better. We want to enjoy our relationship first.”

    * * *

    The Kapisanan Ng Mga Artistang Pilipino sa Pelikula at Telebiyon or KAPPT is set to elect its new set of officers tomorrow, Saturday. We heard the name of Imelda Papin as the most likely successor of outgoing president Rez Cortez.

    Imelda Papin

    Imelda Papin

    In a conversation with Mel, she told Showbuzz that she is being pushed by friends in the industry to make a go of it. The singer-actress said she is actually open to any possibility right now. She has even made some plans if she becomes the new president of the actors guild. She wants all actors to be members of the organization. She’s even considering to ask the help of the Philippine Congress to enact laws that will benefit Filipino actors.

    “I really want to help the actors. I am also willing to talk to the networks and other leaders of the industry. Anything that will really help the actors, I will be willing to do,” Mel quipped.

    Mel is now busy preparing for a fund-raising cum birthday concert for the benefit of the typhoon victims in her native Bicol region.


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