Barbie Forteza, Ken Chan spread love and tears in new movie


Kapuso stars Barbie Forteza and Ken Chan’s first big screen outing as a team, the love story-romance-comedy-drama “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter,” is poised to be one of this year’s much-anticipated theater releases. In fact, the Joel Lamangan flick instantly became a trending topic when its full trailer was released across social media platforms.

Forteza and Chan initially caught the television viewers’ fancy when they were paired in the hit GMA Network series, “Meant To Be.”

Thus, the “Ken-Bie” loveteam was born. The union also gave birth to loyal followers who rejoiced when Forteza ended in Chan’s arms in the series finale.

Ken Chan and Barbie Forteza

Now, the pair’s avid followers and fans need not wait any longer because the chemistry of the two will have their debut on the big screen today.

The pair swore that This Time I’ll Be Sweeter is different from their recently concluded soap as the film requires Forteza and Chan to showcase deeper emotional range without sacrificing moments of kilig, joy and laughter.

“The biggest adjustment that Barbie and I had to do here is that we came from a romantic-comedy teleserye that was very light, every scene very easy to do. Then we have to transition to This Time I’ll Be Sweeter—a romantic love story. So the adjustment was really from light to heavy. We have so many heavy drama scenes here and we also had to adjust our ages and the way we had to deliver our lines,” Chan told members of the entertainment press during the film’s press conference.

“In Meant To Be, it was more on tweens, so Direk Joel really helped us flesh out our characters, starting from the time they were young up to being mature adults,” he added.

Comparing their roles before to this film, Forteza explained, “Here, everything that could happen in a teleserye running for three months has to be fit in a film of two hours, max. That’s why we’re always ready, because we cannot run out of things on the set. Or we will be left blank, so in fairness, every one of us prepared for it.”

The 20-year-old actress was then asked if they shared kissing scenes since the film has a more mature treatment.

Cast of ‘This Time I’ll Be Sweeter’

“There’s no kissing scene on the lips, pero bawing-bawi naman. Direk Joel did something for that special scene,” Forteza answered.

“Because personally, not that I don’t want it, but I just don’t think I should do that right away. For me it’s still too early. Para lang hindi maging basta-basta ‘yung kissing scene. With the right age, right material, right script,” she added.

In the movie, Erika (played by Forteza) and Tristan (Chan) are classmates in college. Tristan is considered a campus crush due to his swimming skills. He and Erika grew close to each other but were left heartbroken when they had to part ways.

Erika then graduates as cum laude and succeeds as a field reporter. Tristan, on the other hand, ends up working for the family-owned airline company.

Their paths crossed once more when an incident involving Tristan’s family and Erika’s career come to play. The call of duty prompts Erika to communicate with Tristan for a follow-up on a story she did.

The incident brings them closer again with Erika throwing in help so that Tristan may recover from a misfortune.

In this event, is Erika prepared to be hurt again or can love be sweeter the second time around?

The movie also stars Thea Tolentino, Ara Mina, Rey Abellana, Neil Ryan Sese, Yayo Aguila, Kim Rodriguez, Hiro Peralta, Akihiro Blanco, Jai Agpangan, Kaki Ramirez, Fiona Yang and Jon Leo among others.

This Time I’ll be Sweeter opens in theaters nationwide today.


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