• Barbie and Ken—lovers or friends?



    In the middle of the press conference for the movie “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter” from Regal Entertainment, Ken Chan suddenly upped and left his seat. His leading lady, Barbie Forteza looked quite puzzled, all the more so when “Born For You” started playing through the speakers. Just as suddenly, Ken came into sight again, singing as he walked toward her with a bouquet of roses.

    Then speaking directly to the Barbie, Ken said, “When I was a student and dreaming to be an actor, I was making movies in my mind, imagining my leading lady was you.

    “When we did ‘Tween Hearts’,” he continued, “I was already happy we were in a project together kahit hindi tayo magka-partner so that ‘Meant to Be’ [as one of your leading men]made me happier. And now that we’re actually in a movie together, my dream has come true.”

    Asked to react to Ken’s grand gestures, Barbie said, “Nagulat talaga ko. When he left his seat, I was thinking he was just going to the men’s room. Before I knew it, he was heading back here singing. I saw the bouquet in the waiting room but I didn’t think that it was for me. Grabe naman ‘tong pa-surprise ni Ken!”

    Barbie Forteza and Ken Chan

    Since its online release, the movie’s trailer has counted hundreds of thousands of views and very positive feedback. Undoubtedly, Barbie and Ken are a hit love team, so much so that their fans are hoping their chemistry turn into a real-life romance.

    But Barbie and Ken seem believe they’re just meant to be friends.

    “I can say that Barbie is the type of girl na hindi mahirap mahalin,” Ken admitted. “She is so caring, and you’ll feel it when you work with her. She’ll bring you food, send you coffee. I always tell her nga, I’m so spoiled already that I always look forward to whatever she has for me when she arrives on the set. Pero hanggang du’n lang kami. Parang we’ve decided that we will just be friends because as friends, we work well together. Hindi kami nagkaka-ilangan.”

    “I agree with Ken,” Barbie seconded. “As it is now, we really enjoy each other’s company. Nakakapagbiruan kami na hindi naiilang sa isa’t isa.

    “We’ve known each other for over six years. There were times when we had separate projects and we didn’t see each other pero pag nagkita kami, nothing changes. The friendship remains and that’s what we want to keep.”

    The GMA Network teen star furthered, “Saka si Ken, competitive yan. When I send him food, he will also send me kahit anong makakain. When I send him coffee, he will send me a bigger cup of coffee. ‘Yung parang ayaw na niya ko patulugin!”

    This Time I’ll Be Sweeter opens in theaters on November 8, which means Barbie and Ken will be busy with promos, together with their co-stars Kim Rodriguez, Akihiro Sato and Hiro Peralta.

    “I’ll be absent for some schedules as I have a show to do in Singapore, but for rest of the promo, I’m looking forward to being with Barbie and the rest of the cast,” Ken enthused.

    Glaiza de Castro

    Glaiza De Castro has colored her hair pink! According to the dramatic actress, she had been wanting to do so for a while now but had TV commitments to finish first.

    Now on a break from teleseryes, she took advantage of the opportunity and spent Thursday last week in the salon.

    “It was not easy an easy process. It took one whole day just to get this color,” she feigned a wail.

    Truth be told Glaiza is very happy she got to do something adventurous.

    “Ang sarap ng feeling. It’s kinda liberating and I feel more confident now. I’ve been wanting to color my hair for a long tiem and it wasn’t just because I’m a KPop fan. Part of it is also my fondness for anime and other Japanese series and movies.

    When Glaiza mounts her solo concert, “Kun(g)diman,” at the Music Museum on October 27, she’ll be sporting her pink hair, and she’s very excited.

    “All my songs are ready and it’s the first time I’ll be singing them with a full band arrangement,” she enthused. “I’m also excited to have Pinoy rock icon Mike Hanopol as a guest. I was surprised he accepted my invitation since hindi naman niya ko kilala. I’m so elated, so flattered, so honored he did. His song ‘Ang Himig Natin’ is one of the songs in my new album and we will sing it in the concert live! Who wouldn’t be proud to do that?”

    But before her concert, Glaiza will join GMA Pinoy TV’s “Kapuso October Feast” at the Singapore Nexus Theater in the weekend, along with Ken Chan, Dave Bornea, Tetay and Jak Roberto.

    “I’m happy to be doing the show with them. We did our promo for the show at doon pa lang, sobrang kulitan na. I love their energy. It’s contagious. I’m sure our Kapuso in Singapore will have a great time when they watch our show on Sunday,” Glaiza ended.

    Forty teenagers were presented to the press for Mr. and Miss Teen Bulacan 2017, most of them good looking enough to be showbiz or major pageants. Even in wit and intelligence, they were pretty impressive answering the toughest and the trickiest questions without losing their poise and charm.

    According to organizers, there will be no swimwear segment in the competition because all the candidates are still in their teens. Instead, the pageant will focus more on talent, intelligence and the advocacies that each contestant choses.

    At the press presentation, special awards were out already, namely the Male and female Faces of the Night and the Male and Female Darling of the Press. The finals will be held in November at the Hiyas Convention Center in Malolos City.

    SHORTS… Aiai Delas Alas and fiancé Gerald Sibayan are enjoying preparing for their December 12, choosing not to give in to pressures that go with all the planning. They said they are “80 percent” ready, and are now in the process of labeling their invitations to send out by November. Ai and Gerald looked so happy when they arrived at the premiere of “Besh and Beshies,” the Comedy Queen’s latest movie with Zsasza Padilla, Beauty Gonzales and Carmi Martin.



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