• Bare campaign fund sources, LP dared


    ELECTION watchdog Kontra Daya on Wednesday challenged the Liberal Party (LP) to reveal its financial sources for the sake of transparency.

    Kontra Daya made the statement over a recent comic book portraying administration bet Manuel “Mar” Roxas as hero during the onslaught of Typhoon Yolanda that battered the Eastern Visayas region and nearby provinces in 2013, expressing fear that the administration party is using government money to fund the campaign of its candidates.

    “As a movement that campaigns against all forms of election fraud, Kontra Daya is concerned that the Liberal Party could be using government funds to finance the election campaigns of its candidates, especially the ones running for President and Vice President,” Prof. Danilo Arao, the groups’ convenor, said.

    Arao added that it is imperative for the administration party to reveal its donors and contributors and identify its sponsors, if it does not hide anything.

    “In the recent past, the LP candidates had been invited to attend activities of government agencies like NAPC [National Anti-Poverty Commission] and DA [Department of Agriculture]. And while LP officials claim that the funding of campaign materials like the much-derided Fast Forward music video and Sa Gitna ng Unos comic book came from private citizens, there is no disclosure as to who they are and how they are related to the government, if any,” he said.

    “Much as all political parties should be forthcoming [on]their campaign funding sources, the LP is most obliged to disclose given that it is the incumbent President’s political party,” Arao added.

    “If the LP really stands for transparency and accountability in governance, then it is imperative that it fully discloses where it gets its election campaign funding,” he said.


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    1. LP will do everything (legal or illegal means) just to promote the candidacy of its losing bet. They very will know what will happen to them if its bet will not make, I pray it will not, in the 9 May election. Kapit patalim na ito mga Bro. Anyway, God is always watching and monitoring the Phil. election. He will NOT allow Mar to win. We will be safe with the duo of DUTERTE and MARCOS.

    2. Until Pnoy has the tight grip on the treasury’s key no amount of persuasion could compel him to abide by the rule of conduct. He has the grand illusion as usual, when it comes to the power of the purse, that he alone could determine how to deploy it– to his own and his KKK advantage.