Ducati Phils. chief executive Toti Alberto (left) hands over the key to the new owner of a Monster 796. PHOTO BY RUBEN D. MANAHAN 4TH

    Ducati Phils. chief executive Toti Alberto (left) hands over the key to the new owner of a Monster 796. PHOTO BY RUBEN D. MANAHAN 4TH

    “MONSTER”  quickly creates a mental picture of a hideous, good-for-nothing, low-life brute. But in Ducati’s language it is meant to spell beauty, a street bike built for every rider’s enjoyment.

    Believing that it would bolster its sales, Ducati Phils. last week revealed its entry-level model, the Monster 796.

    “Before, this bike is sold only in the European market. But now we are releasing it again in the Philippines,” said Marc de Joya, brand manager at Ducati Phils., at the event marking the Monster 796’s return.

    ‘Timeless, iconic’
    “It is a timeless, iconic bike. There would be no Ducati if not for the Monster,” he added.

    De Joya also said that people drawn to Ducati’s naked bike “encompasses all

    genders,” with both male and female riders finding the Monster 796 appealing in style and performance.

    “It is perfect for everyday use, as well on short or long weekend rides. If it were a car, it would be a midsize sedan. Riders can beat the traffic in style,” de Joya noted.

    The Monster 796 is powered by an 803cc L-twin engine that is fitted with Ducati’s signature Desmodromic valvetrain system and electronic fuel injection. The engine makes 87hp at 8,250rpm and 78Nm of torque at 6,250rpm, which are sent to the rear wheel via a wet clutch, a six-speed transmission with straight-cut gears, and a chain drive. Ducati said the bike’s APTC clutch prevents “destabilizing of the rear end under aggressive downshifting” and provides the “extra benefit of a super-light feel at the lever,” which is of “great benefit in stop-start city traffic or during longer journeys.”

    As part of the Monster line’s hallmark cues, the 796 has a trellis frame and a single-sided swing arm.

    De Joya said that bringing in the Monster 796 would see Ducati Phils.’ sales to increase dramatically. He added that the first three bikes—already sold—and a yet-to-arrive two more are priced at P650,000.

    The brand manager also bared that Ducati will have two other showrooms in the Philippines, which are expected to be constructed within the year—one in Alabang, which will rise this month, and on Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City, to be built by the third quarter of the year. Presently, the brand has showrooms on P. Tuazon Street, Quezon City, and in Bacolod and Davao.


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