Bare Napoles list – senators


SOME senators want rehabilitation czar Panfilo Lacson to make public the names of lawmakers who allegedly received pork kickbacks to remove the cloud of suspicion hanging on the heads of all members of Congress.

Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano on Thursday said as long as the list remains confidential, all senators and members of the House of Representatives remain suspects.

He and Sen. Francis Escudero urged Lacson to bare the list given to him by Jimmy Napoles, husband of Janet.

“Whether it’s one name or 20 names, as long as the reporting is correct, meaning it will be based on documents submitted by Mrs. Napoles, let [those included]explain themselves,” Cayetano said.

“If it’s a document, then let those people involved [speak]. If my name was on it, I’d want it out. I’d want to answer,” he added.

Escudero agreed with Cayetano, noting that although he is certain that he is not on the list, he is ready to defend himself in case his name was also listed by Napoles.

But Senate President Franklin Drilon said the list should be released if there is documentary evidence to back it up.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th also expressed confidence that he is not on the list as he maintained that he is not a thief.

But like Cayetano and Escudero, Trillanes also want Lacson to bare the list.

Lacson “would serve the public well if he would just release the document given to him. That way the document would speak for itself,” he said.

Sen. Miriam Santiago questioned Lacson’s motive in coming out with the document supposedly given to him by Jimmy Napoles.

“Why would Lacson come forward with a spurious document, one month after he claims that it was handed to him?” Santiago asked. She said Lacson’s claims are “so full of holes that it’s like a sieve.”

The senator urged the public to “keep your composure and remain level-headed” amid what she claims is a “massive psywar disinformation campaign using pork barrel kickbacks.”

She said the aim of the psywar campaign is to discredit the Aquino administration and distract public attention away from the trial and prosecution of those charged with plunder.

“This is a diversionary tactic, very similar to the so-called Zamboanga uprising.  Both are bankrolled heavily because they are intended to forcibly turn public attention away from the criminal culpability of those charged with plunder. For the respondents, this is a desperate make-or-break situation,” Santiago added.


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  1. Im normally a big supporter of miriam santiago but i wonder here if her name now might be among those implicated by napoles, im now certain drillons name is there from what he has said. All names should be exposed & then the evidence examined & see if it stands up. If their money was given to fake ngo’s then they are as guilty as the others. I have no sympathy for any of them who are involved in this & its a pity they couldnt be executed for treason, crimes against the state as thats what this is. Just look at that stolen money & think if that had been legitimately used to say educate the poor, look how many children it would have helped educate. I struggle to control my anger at these people for this. They deserve the harshest penalties the country can give them & with the likes of juan ponce enrile i wouldnt even give any consideration to his age, it didnt stop him stealing millions of pesos. I for one have not a shred of sympathy for them as they have no remorse for what they have done. Their only remorse is for getting caught thats all, they feel sorry for themselves not feel guilty for what they have done.

  2. There are two persons who have the lists of the alleged plunderers, I don’t think it is wise for Mr. Lacson to preempt the Secretary of Justice prerogative to be sure the listed person on the list have enough proof to be included. Therefore he should not be forced to release the names, until it has been sanitized by DOJ. Once DOJ releases the names, and discrepancies are noted, it is then incumbent upon Mr. Lacson to add to the list as needed with conformity with DOJ, to avoid confusion. I thought, since this will take forever to process and prosecute in court with these many alleged plunderers, perhaps a TRUTH COMMISSION with amnesty for those who voluntarily return all the money they plundered but prosecute those who is holding back on their alleged loot, and confiscate their properties, in addition. However for the mastermind of this horrendous plunder of the countries wealth, must be prosecuted to no end until they are punished severely for the crime they have committed, plus confiscate their ill gotten wealth and properties.

  3. it’s now or never, the truth now or more lies, the actions and decisions now will determine if there will even be a Philippines for the future, or if present and future generations will just give up and make sure that it will better to secure citizenship in western countries.