Baron Geisler, Kiko Matos engage in fight anew


It looks like actors Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos will once again battle it out in the cage after their paths crossed on Monday and almost exchanged blows.

During a press conference for the upcoming Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) in Manila, Geisler stole the limelight when he suddenly showed up uninvited and challenged Matos to another fight.

Geisler and Matos’ rift traces back to a bar brawl which trended online. Coaxed by netizens to take their fight in front of an audience, they eventually ended up in a highly publicized mixed martial arts (MMA) duel hosted by URCC, where they tied at 19-all.


On Monday, Matos figured among the lineup of newly assigned fighters for URCC’s outing on August 12 at Smart Araneta Coliseum. Out of nowhere, Geisler caught the entertainment and sports press corps by surprise when he showed up and interrupted the event.

Whether staged or not, showbiz’ reigning bad boy walked in and sat down beside Matos just as a reporter was asking the latter who among the roster of fighters he would like to wrestle. Geisler then grabbed the microphone from Matos and answered the question himself.

“This question is for me actually. Hindi pa kami tapos [we’re not done], there’s a ‘Kiko-Baron Part 2.’ I challenge him. If he has the balls for it, I challenge him, do you [have the balls]?” taunted the long-haired and scruffy looking Geisler.

Without missing a beat, Matos let out a laugh and said, “I missed this, just like last year, kahit kailan, kahit saan, anytime, anywhere, I’ll be there.”

Geisler picked up on the familiar line and retorted, “Pare, that’s so 2016, can you come up with something else? P*t*ng*na, seriously, hanggang dun na lang [is that all you have]? That’s so lame, man!”

And that was all Matos needed to hear as he quickly grabbed Geisler by the leg and shoulder, pinning him forcefully down his chair. A commotion ensued as several men tried to pull them apart, only to have Matos throw a can of beer toward Geisler when they did.

“You threw that like a little girl. You’re a f*cking fagot!” Geisler retorted.

“Come over here. I don’t see your name here. Who even invited you?” Matos asked angrily looking at the name cards on the panel.

Kiko Matos

“Me myself and I, you m*ther f*cker,” Geisler responded, giving his enemy the middle finger.

“I’ll take that as long as you don’t piss on me,” Matos said, obviously taking a potshot at Geisler’s much-talked about antic on the set of “Bugbog,” where he got back at indie actor Ping Medina who refused to rehearse a scene with him when he came in inebriated.

“You’re using that piss card from last year? Dude I’m trying to atone for all the sins that I’ve done. And this fight? This fight is real. That last one is bullshit, this one, I’ll rip your face,” Geisler spewed. “You’re an uneducated monkey,” he added as he walked out of the room escorted by the crew.

When everything settled down, Matos told the media in an ambush interview that he had no idea Geisler was going to show up.

“Kung invited siya, sana yung pangalan niya nandun din sa mga tables or at least alam natin kung nandito siya. Actually, I know I am scheduled to fight on August 12 without an opponent yet. Right now, I came here para manawagan sa mga other actors to come here and fight. And then he comes out out of nowhere, so it looks like kami na yung maglalaban,” he declared.

Ron Catunao, a URCC match maker, joined in the conversation and explained, “Kiko is here for an amateur MMA fight. He just signed a contract with URCC. I don’t know who invited Baron. I think he still feels their match has been settled because it ended in a draw last year. But I’m still looking for a real fight for Kiko in the amateur scene so we’ll still be talking with Mr. Alvin Aguilar who’s the founder of URCC.”

Meanwhile in a separate interview, Aguilar said he had no idea who invited Baron to the event. “I was actually happy that he was here but I didn’t expect that to happen. I actually thought he came by to help out and promote. I don’t know yet if they will fight again, we’ll see,” he said.

Earlier in the press conference, Matos talked about training continuously since his fight with Geisler during the last URCC.

“Baron and I were invited to fight at the URCC. I was just a regular guy who’d party and drink but with URCC, I fell in love with the sport, especially Jiu Jitsu, in preparing for the fight. I discovered something that was in me. So, as I progressed, I wanted to do more. And now, I can say that I am a totally different fighter compared to how I was last year. And if we would do it all over again, I wouldn’t be doing the same thing. Now, I’ve come prepared, I have tricks up my sleeve and I will show them during the fight.”

Asked how he felt over his latest Geisler incident, he replied, “We know what we were up to last year, but as of now, maybe he just wants to play another game. It’s a big boy’s game. This is for sportsmanship then he comes out and calls me names. So, let’s get it on—that’s my reaction to his actions. Bigwasan na.”

Showbiz-wise, Matos has been busy as an independent film actor. He has just finished shooting as part of the cast of “Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha” starring Mega Star Sharon Cuneta due for showing in August’s Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. On the other hand, Geisler had been banned by Professional Artist Managers, Inc. (PAMI) to do any movie projects following Ping Medina’s complaint in 2016.


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