Baron Geisler, student reconcile after scandal

Baron Geisler

Baron Geisler

Three days after the video of Baron Geisler cursing and grabbing a University of the Philippines student inside campus went viral in Facebook, uploader Khalil Verzosa had reached out to the actor to “resolve the issue” between themselves.

Khalil, who is a Visual Communication student at UP, tapped Geisler to star in his film project, which coincidentally is about Republic Act 9262, or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act.

He said, “When I uploaded the video, I thought that was my form of justice, perhaps different from other people,” Verzosa explained on his personal Facebook account.

In defense of himself, Geisler wrote a lengthy post on his Facebook account to explain that he was given an idiot board the moment he arrived on set, when he already asked for the script ahead of time.

The actor—who has a history of violent encounters with fellow celebrities—even threatened to sue Verzosa for apparent intention to “exploit an already damaged reputation”

Day after this, Versoza decided to take down the video “out of respect for Baron.” He said, “Imagine if you were the one harassed and a found footage of you harassing women or whoever, would you change for the better? We all need [to]realize that violence isn’t the answer.”

The student also asked everyone to stop sharing the video. “We just want to put this issue behind us. Peace!”

To which, Geisler answered in the same post, “Salamat man!! Nakapagisipisip din ako. Yakap!!”



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