• Baron Geisler up for another fight


    From bar brawl to cage fight?

    If controversial actor Baron Geisler’s Facebook post is to be believed, it looks like he’s up for yet another fight, but this time in the treacherous octagon cage of mixed martial arts.
    Earlier this month, Geisler was engaged in a bar brawl with another actor Kiko Matos, a few weeks after the former was caught on video intimidating a university student.

    The fight is scheduled tonight at the Palace Pool Club in Bonifacio Global City as an actual part of the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) Fight Night, where professional MMA fighters will slug it out for their respective belts and titles.

    URCC president Alvin Aguilar first threw the open invitation during the fight’s press conference on May 30, saying, “Fighting in the streets and in bars is just no good… No, you go to the URCC and showcase your skills if you really want to be a fighter. After that, forget it. You guys aren’t fighting for anything anyway, except for pride.”

    Matos took the challenge right away with Geisler just as soon responding through his Facebook account, “OK… I will make it happen.”  Since then, YouTube videos of showbiz’ recurrent troublemaker and the young indie actor trading barbs one after another have become viral in social media.

    Both actors have no professional MMA training but Geisler, whose brother was an Olympian and a current taekwondo coach, is himself a taekwondo black belter.

    Will this face-off finally put an end to these boys’ rage for one another? Only time—and more viral videos from tonight’s big fight—will tell.


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