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    Director reshoots ‘Bubog’ with new cast
    After the Professional Artist Managers, Inc. (PAMI) issued a statement strongly condemning “the disgusting act and behavior” of Baron Geisler—giving both the actor and his director Arlyn Dela Cruz sanctions for the infamous peeing incident on the set of Bubog—the beleaguered celebrity flooded Ping Medina’s Facebook page with all sorts of statements and accusations.

    Apparently, Medina has not blocked Geisler since he made public what the latter did to him.

    Geisler’s posts have been taken down, but Philippine Entertainment Portal (pep.ph) was able to capture his tirade of comments.

    “You raped many girls. Rapist ka daw. Wanna play games I lay the truth. Watch out. Ex ko binalahura iyo [mo]. She and others will testify. Tama na yabang. Wala manali (manalo) dito. You will regret.”

    Baron Geisler FACEBOOK PHOTO

    Baron Geisler FACEBOOK PHOTO

    “I will show the world tungkol sa partnership nyo. You know what I mean. I still have pics. Jail time abot nyo. Ngayon … sino si satanas. Huminga ka ngayon. Cge cge lamang. You and your god know[s]this. Secret na. Contacted your victims. Nakakaiyak. Game. Not for you and me. Katotohanan lamang. Justice will be served.”

    Medina’s latest post as of Monday was about the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 Official Trailer where all eight entries are put together in the one-minute 18-seconds video. Previous to that, he posted a photo of himself attending the anti-Marcos burial rally, captioned, “Naihian. Nabalian. Nag-rally.”

    On the other hand, Geisler posted on Sunday a photo of a bloodied face flashing a dirty finger while on a wheelchair, similar to Medina’s post after the peeing incident.

    “A lot of girls… lumapit sa akin… darating din ang katotohanan..: wag mo ako kantiin! Matagal na yan mayroong mga bago. Reklamo sa iyo. Kung sinira mo ako. I will make sure you go behind bars. MY FRIEND.”

    He also commented on his post as others posted words of support for him.

    “By the way I’m still classy. Sniff their sniff here… truly the ONE shall prevail. Pag di pa sila tumigil maraming mabubunyag. I am serious,” Geisler threatened.

    On the other hand, Bubog director Arlyn Dela Cruz announced that the cast of the movie has been replaced, and has reshot the opening scene.

    The director issued a statement issued the following statement on her decision via Facebook anew. Medina’s brother Karl has taken over the former’s role. ___________ now plays Geisler’s character.

    “Blessed beyond words, I will continue to do films. I am confident that other actors will work with me. I thank Karl Medina for taking over the role for Ping Medina. I am very honored to be given the opportunity to work with the both of you. We finished the reshoot of the opening scene last night. The vision for that scene was achieved,” Dela Cruz wrote.

    She then thanked Jackielou Blanco, Julio Diaz, Allan Paule, and Juan Rodrigo “for coming to the set in spite of the sweeping statement made against me, which was made by the way without anyone of them conducting an investigation or at least taking an initiative to ask me or my entire production team who were there that night.”

    She explained further, “Prior to the traumatic night, scenes with Ms. Elizabeth Oropesa, Janice Jurado, Kristofer King, Jak Roberto, Chanel La Torre, Kiko Matos, Mengie Cobarrubias, James Ramos, Lehner Mendoza, Neil Carandang, Bobby Tamayo, Jeff Fernandez and Star Orjaleza were finished.”

    She also thanked Elizabeth Oropesa, Richard Manabat. Ali Libre and Billy Laxamana for standing up for her, including her discoveries for the film – Raffy Reyes, Belle Dominguez and JR Velasco – and their parents for trusting her.

    Although PAMI sanctioned the former journalist for not allowing their wards to work under her, Dela Cruz disclosed that a number of talent managers [most likely non-PAMI members]have assured her they will continue to trust her with their talents.

    She said that the intention and the purpose of the film is bigger than this controversy between Geisler and Medina. “The story is the centerpiece. The story is the lead,” she declared.

    “I will not grant interviews anymore on this matter. That was not a storm. A strong wind just passed by. Bubog is a film that is based on the war on drugs. We are in the middle of that war and it’s far from over,” concluded Dela Cruz.


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    1. This is horrible. And people watch this guy? I ask, dreading the possibility that some people actually idolize this guy. Quick, check him for drugs before he can go to the hospital again.