Barzaga: No Gibo tragedy for Mar


SECRETARY Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), who is trailing in surveys, won’t suffer the same fate former Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro, Jr. had in the 2010 Presidential Elections, Dasmariñas Representative Elpidio Barzaga expressed on Tuesday.

Barzaga, who is the vice president of the National Union Party (NUP), said his alliance is yet to decide on whom to support for the 2016 Presidential race.

The lawmaker pointed out that while a candidate’s competence is not really easy to sell among voters, Roxas is not in the same position with Teodoro six years ago.

Barzaga said President Benigno Aquino 3rd, who has remained popular even with less than a year to go before his term finishes, would boost Roxas’ campaign.

Teodoro, on the other hand, was endorsed by then-President Gloria Arroyo whose ratings were at rock bottom when she reached her 10th year of office because of massive corruption allegations.

“This is like selling a product. The product must be good. Both Mar and Gibo are intellectually qualified, highly educated and had solid government [work]experience. But they have different circumstances because GMA (President Arroyo) was really unpopular at that time. Given the situation, we also had a weak lineup [for the Senate slate],” Barzaga, who supported Teodoro in 2010, pointed out.

The lawmaker, however, said history has shown us that competence and formidable machinery—something that Teodoro had and Roxas has right now—would not be enough to win the Presidency.

Barzaga said elections, especially the Presidential polls, are similar to going to war wherein you should have an army [political leaders], ammunition [logistics], soldiers [supporters]and strategy.

“We have seen that if you have the mass appeal, you can be elected regardless of your qualifications. It’s about time that we change that and our approach to voters. Emphasize that everybody, professional or not, educated or otherwise, should participate during elections because each vote will all count equally: as one. It’s just unfortunate that those who can discern the candidates more would rather not participate,” Barzaga, a lawyer, argued.

“But why should we really vote for somebody? Should we vote for candidates because we are relatives, kumares or friends with them? We should vote for someone for his/her experience, performance, vision and intellect to do good things for our people,” he added.



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  1. The endorsement of Pnoy will count a lot if his candidate is neck to neck or at least next to the leading candidate. But for some reasons, Mar is at the fourth place. One can not control the people in a national election unlike in local elections where the voters’ choice is quite manageable. Unless of course if one is able to control the PCOS. But of course the maneuver should not be obvious and the cheated candidate and his/her supporters will just sit down while cheated. Beg to disagree with the view of the honorable congressman.

  2. Barzaga is so short-sighted to claim that there’s “no Gibo tragedy for Mar”. I’d say. Mar’s fate will be “worse” since he is anointed by Pres. BS Aquino. That anoinment is a “kiss of death”. While Gibo’s popularity was pulled down by the endorsement of ‘unpopular’ GMA, Roxas subservience to an ‘incompetent’ administration will worsen his chances.

  3. Isang regalo ng Konstitusyon ng Pilipinas sa bangsa ay bawal ang One-to-SAWA. Ingat ingat dapat ang bansa laban sa One-to-SAWA, palis ang pondo ng gobyerno kapag ganu’n.

  4. Mr Barzaga, please don’t utter the names of Gibo and Roxas in the same breath. Wala sa katiting ni Gibo si limpwrist Roxas. Yun lang!

    • I fully agree with you janey! Gibo is indeed intellectual compared to Mar. If we watched the past presidential debates, si Gibo lang ang may utak sa mga nakaraang kandidato.