• Basher to basher, dust to dust



    WE all know our Charter guarantees free speech but being free should not be taken literally as it comes with a price.

    Sudden and explosive popularity of social media gave birth to what we call now a new normal: the description of critics or criticism called “bashers” and “bashing.” It can be also interpreted as “dissent” or “protest” depending on where you’re coming from.

    In my humble take, bashing is quite different from dissent or any other life form although the act resembles the animated movements of some crustaceans with claws or pinchers.

    Bashing is somewhat connotative of a motive to erode confidence in a targeted personality or group to protect their favored entities. Bashing usually is devoid of truth or factual research and tends to highlight the interpretations of a few.

    One can actually sense bashing that are prepaid or postpaid as they are propagated by trolls or through fictitious bloggers hinged on deception and innuendo, and motivated by greed.

    How does one detect a deceptive or paid basher? Here are some easy tips:

    . Check the date these bashers created their identities (regularly.) It is seldom that you find a basher created with older date.

    . One that posts lots of old news, respond to all positive posts with a negative side. One that never post on another wall with same alias or profile. One that can spend up to 80 hours a week on social media.

    . Bashers never answer direct questions except with another question.

    . Bashers work in teams (sometimes portraying themselves as a team). Always be alarmed and suspicious of someone showing up and automatically having another “poseur” to converse with who supports their argument.

    . Bashers always select “an argument” that can never be resolved by research.

    . They love to work in wolf-packs. It provides cover to achieve supposedly “independent” validation of an argument. They call it “scripted” discussions.

    . Choreographed appearance and disappearance to relay a fake “majority” consensus of opinion.

    . Legitimate bashers do not lie, name call or use profanity.

    Moral of the lesson? Let’s face it. We are all conditioned to “believe” everything we see in postings. If others by virtue of their “own posts” also confirm this belief, then we are subconsciously doomed to swallow the idea hook, line and sinker and unwittingly arrive to an erroneous judgment.

    * * *

    The National Democratic Front senior political consultant Jose Maria Sison earlier said formal talks could resume in August. But Duterte’s peace adviser, Secretary Jesus Dureza, said the government was still waiting for an “enabling environment,” citing attacks by the New People’s Army on security forces. The government and the NDF will resume peace talks in August, says Bello.

    The peace process is not easy as they say and negotiators are always ultra-sensitive to matters of differences than commonalities. They can always agree to disagree. Crucial is the timeframe.

    * * *

    =Congressmen eye CJ Sereno impeachment, detention of 3 CA justices. They cannot really see each other eye to eye. Attention, ophthalmologists: your services are needed ASAP.

    * * *

    China supplied AFP and PNP with Chinese-made firearms. If a war breaks out between PH and China over the Spratlys and Scarborough Shoal, both camps can add captured firearms to their respective armories. No problemo. Toinks!

    * * *

    Soundbite of the week:
    Solicitor General Jose Calida — “As the conscience of our nation, the Supreme Court did not sit idly [by]to watch our country get dismembered.”

    With 11 justices voting for the constitutionality of PRRD’s declaration of martial law, three justices in agreement in limited areas only and one justice in total disagreement, one wonders if that lone justice read a set of lawbooks very different from the 14.

    Leonen’s view is anchored on a market trick that it is much easier to scare people to sell their stocks than to encourage buying new ones.

    * * *

    Most senators found Trillanes’ comments “disrespectful and unparliamentary.” More comments about him gives him the media mileage that he wanted to enjoy in the first place.

    * * *

    High court backs Court of Appeals on ‘Ilocos 6’.The Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Philippine Bar Association and constitutional law experts and law deans Pacifico Agabin and Fr. Ranhilio Aquino have also made similar calls for the House to recall the show-cause order.

    — Should the separation of powers now call for a divorce? If so, the public always pays the alimony. Poor us.

    * * *

    China turns over P590 million military aid to PH. EU donates P49 million aid to Mindanao evacuees. If this is true, you can easily see who’s the cheapskate.

    * * *

    Here are the details of the forthcoming UP Beta Sigma Fraternity’s 71st Anniversary Ball and International Homecoming on July 5, 2017.

    Venue: Richmonde Eastwood, QC
    Attire: formal
    Entrance fee: P1,500
    Hosts: Brod Jigs Reyes and LC Danella Liquigan
    6p. m. start of registration
    6.45p. m. start of dinner
    7. 30p. m. start of program

    Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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