Basic escape against a grab


GRAB20141123I have conducted many self-defense courses for women in the past and as I progress into my teaching methodologies, I became more convinced that the best way to teach women how to defend themselves is to teach skills that are simple enough that even a child would be able to execute them. The concept is to impart only a few key moves that can be applied against different kinds of attack. I teach only the simplest, most direct techniques aimed at the most effective targets in order to increase the defender’s chances of survival. If women seek instruction on how to defend themselves against attacks, then it is required for them to train just as hard as everyone else. In fact I don’t really make any distinctions in my class. For me there is no such thing as self- defense for women or self-defense for men. Only self-defense.

Photo 1 shows a woman standing unaware of an assailant behind her. Photo 2 shows the assailant suddenly grabbing the woman’s left arm to seize control. Photo 3 shows the defender grabbing her head with her free hand exposing her elbow to protect her head should the assailant tries to strike her. Photo 4 shows the woman turning inwards and thumbing the assailant’s eye to secure release from his hold. Photo 5 shows close up of the technique being applied. Photo 6 shows the woman taking the opportunity to escape and run away.

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