• Baste Duterte rekindles friendship with ex-girlfriend Ellen Adarna



    After their rollercoaster romance and breakup over text in January, the President’s son Sebastian “Baste” Duterte and Ellen Adarna were spotted together in Cebu over the weekend. Proof is in these photos to which In the Know had first dibs.

    Both are very happy feasting on some Visayan specialties including lechon. They also went on a road trip in a top down to Cebu’s top attraction Temple of Leah, which is owned by Ellen’s father Teodorico Adarna.

    In The Know received the photos from the team behind Baste’s reality adventure show “Lakbai,” which airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. According to producer Jana Manalaysay, the shoot was for the program’s finale episode whose theme is the friendships he has made all through “Lakbai’s” 13-week run. And what better way to end it but by rekindling his friendship withformer flame Ellen Adarna right?

    Baste Duterte and Ellen Adarna go on a roadtrip in Cebu

    Both were very happy to see each other and they caught up like good old friends, proving that exes can still be friends indeed. It was the Lakbai staff that asked permission from Ellen’s manager Pia Campos to shoot the finale in Cebu with the sexy actress to which they were happy they agreed.

    What else did they get up to? Find out on July 2 and 9 at 9 pm on TV5.

    Piolo Pascual is lending his fame and services for free as the first ambassador of the Optical Media Board. And the top actor had no second thoughts when the OMB asked him to do so.

    “Being in the business for such a long time also entails responsibility to do what we have to do to protect our content. And being a businessman myself, ito na siguro pwede maging advocacy ko in this industry.” His production house Spring Films was thus a driving force to get him into this anti-piracy crusade with the OMB.

    As ambassador, Piolo promises that he will tour provinces to talk about piracy during his free time. He further shared how his films are very much affected by piracy.

    Piolo Pascual

    “I was very badly affected by it as producer. I have such high respect for content so content should be paid for because it is done with hard work with a lot of dedicated people involved. I believe that is how we should consume our films.”

    All the same, Piolo is not disheartened by lackluster box office returns ever so often as he acknowledges the changing technology on how people consume content today.

    “I will continue producing and acting on very moving stories and films, and I won’t let piracy stop me, that’s why I am fighting for this cause. Basta maganda ang material, we will continue to tell the story.”

    He further said this service for government is the closest he will get into politics.

    “You can say that because I am content with my platform and using my status to share my message across.”

    GUESS WHO? It is sad how bashers starting hitting this celebrity because of her low EQ! The first time was when she did everything to protect the love of her life from issues the guy was guilty of. Now, she is facing yet another juicy situation concerning her life which she tweaked for the sake of drama.

    When she was cornered at an event recently the press got annoyed at the celebrity when she evaded questions by hiding her face with her hair! She looked ridiculous and the press said they would rather she just asked them to respect their privacy.

    Until next werk, Ta ta!!!


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