Baste grades ‘President Pa’ on first year in office



In The Know ended up in Davao City for a hot minute on Friday for another one-on-one interview with the President’s son, Sebastian “Baste” Duterte.

Exclusively invited to his all black office at the Ecoland area the Durian capital, the conversation revolved around updates on his next steps in showbiz, and of course politics.

Baste’s office was full of artworks, all of which he said were gifts.

“I love art pero bigay lang iyan ba. I cannot afford to be a collector,” he quipped.

Baste explained that his main source of income is his garbage collection business in the province, and as of late his travel program “Lakbai” on TV5, which aired its last episode just yesterday.

Asked if the public will see more of him on TV he honestly replied, “I guess so. Nag-enjoy talaga ako. Free travel [and]you’re paid [for it]. Nagpapapayat nga ako eh para dumami pa ang endorsements.”

Every bit a showbiz personality now, Baste did not escape having to comment on the latest viral photo of himself and ex-girlfriend Ellen Adarna locking lips.

“It was a friendly kiss, kasi nag-iinuman tapos lasing na… we were having fun. It’s like a friend you haven’t seen for a long time.”

Moving on, while he enjoys the showbiz limelight, Baste is also aware he cannot shake off the other side of his fame as the President’s son.

With the next State of the Nation adresss coming up on July 24, In the Know asked him to rate his father’s first year in Malacanang.

Sebastian Duterte

“Siguro 8 or 9 out of 10,” Baste ventured. “Hindi naman 10 kasi perfect na iyon masyado! But he addressed the immediate problems here in the Philippines like criminality, drugs and corruption. Makikita mo naman talaga.”

As he waits for his next TV gig to begin, Baste is keeping busy with his rock band at the moment, and said he may just turn up at any one of his fans’ favorite bars soon.

“I don’t want to share the name of the band. I just want people to enjoy the music,” he ended.

The ever controvertial Claudine Barretto is back in the spotlight once again. This time, she took to the cybercrime division of the National Bureau of Investigation and filed a complaint versus a certain online basher named Peggy Enriquez.

According to Claudine, Peggy left rude comments about her youngest Quia when she posted a photo of the two-year-old eating local porridge.

“Doon sa post ko kung saan kumakain siya ng lugaw, doon linagay na batang lansangan daw ang anak ko and then I said if you have anything to say to my daughter, say it to my face! Then she said I have nothing against you but your ampon is really panget by all means! So doon na… Baka ‘yung first one pwede ko pa i-let go. Pero bakit, kapag batang lansangan ba bawal na mahalin?”

Claudine did her research on Peggy Enriquez, sharing with In The Know that through the woman’s officemates, she gathered the basher’s address and personal details.

“I learned that she had been bashing people for quite awhile now.”

Claudine also made it clear to Peggy that she would not be accepting any public apology.

“If the day itself [the comment was made]or two days after OK pa eh [to apologize], pero wala. I’m not even sure if she really wanted to apologize. It’s too late and she has to face the consequences.”

Claudine further shares that ever since she adopted Quia in 2016, she decided to lay low in showbiz. She was being pressured by children Santino and Sabina to have a baby sibling, the reason why she brought in Quia to their lives.

“Grabe the immense joy she brings in my life, our lives! I really wanted to be peaceful and quiet, but when it comes to my kids, do not ever mess with me!”

People have been speculating about closet hunk’s sexual preference. Word circulating is that he used a comedienne to protect his image to appear straight, but the lavish gifts of a rich lover he posts online—not to mention first class trips abroad and top Philippine destinations—drove his followers into stalking mode. They were curious to find out where closet hunk was getting them. See, this actor never has lead roles and endorsements to make that much money.

But even though folks have made their assumptions he has a rich gay lover, closet hunk still tries his best to ignore the rumors.

The plot thickens at this point. In The Know just found out that rich gay lover has broken up with closet hunk because closet hunk denied him to his family!

After the breakup, though closet hunk realized that he really loved rich gay lover, and now that he’s been slacking at work anyway, he is bent on winning rich gay lover back. He went as far as going to the man’s family to profess his love.

The question now is, will closet hunk finally come out in public soon?

Until next week, ta ta!


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