• Bataan bishop favors Duterte’s accepting Trump’s invitation


    BALANGA CITY: The Catholic bishop of Bataan on Wednesday said he favors President Rodrigo Duterte accepting the invitation of President Donald Trump for a state visit to America. Bishop Ruperto Santos of the Diocese of Balanga considered the visit of Duterte as a personal and privileged opportunity to appeal in behalf of Filipino immigrants for leniency and fair treatment as regards their status. “President Duterte can manifest to the United States government through President Trump that Filipinos living and working there are peace loving people, hardworking and trustworthy and contributing much for the greatness and prosperity of America,” Santos said. The visit will also be a rare chance for the Presidents of two countries to renew ties being allies and reliable friends during World War II, the bishop, chairman of the Catholic bishops Conference of the Philippines–Episcopal Commission on the Care of Migrants and itinerant People, said.

    Ernie B. Esconde


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