Bataan bishop issues prayer for students


BALANGA CITY: Bishop Ruperto Santos of Balanga Diocese has issued a special prayer to be recited by students during flag-raising ceremony or in the classroom.

Santos said copies of the the prayer asking for full protection in the students’ daily activities were distributed to schools in the diocese and Bataan Association of Catholic Schools.

“It is informative as to what students should do to aspire in life, what they have to avoid to be successful in life,” explained Santos, who is the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines Episcopal Chairman for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People.

The prayer asks the Lord Jesus to make students outstanding and disciplined. “Lead them away from all bad and negative influences; spare them from troubles and deliver them from vices, laziness and failures,” read the plea in part.

“Our loving Lord Jesus, I commend them to your protection. Let them use their talents and skills for your greater glory; let them utilize their knowledge and gifts for the good of their community; let them appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of their teachers and parents; let them finish their studies in due time and with flying colors and let them live like You,” ended the prayer.

Santos clarified that the Diocese of Balanga is always for the promotion and preservation of faith and morals.

“The clergy safeguards life, protects life and defends life and is against anything or anyone which destroys life that includes drugs,” he said.

In the promotion of life and condemning anything contrary to life, Santos said that they do not publicize nor act as police. “Like our patron Saint Joseph, we work silently.”


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  1. Making Catholic private schools affordable to poor parents to send their children to is more powerful than prayers, Monsignor. How about the Philippine Catholic Church putting up free day care centers, preschools and shelters for abandoned children as the result of non-use of artificial birth controls? Action speaks louder than words and it could be silent too.