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    1. Anything worthwhile is complicated, but still needs to be dealt with.

      A bunch of savages, loud, pidgin-talking morons in a primitive village bought a new shiny toy/tool in exchange for their land, sons and daughters. In the end they let it rot, using it as an altar for their sorcery, while theirs sons and daughter, lose their sanity in slavery, to pay for their debt out of ignorance.

      On the other hand an industrious, capable people cooperating as one in progressive village, bought a few complicated tools, studied, take care to use, maintain and modified them to suit their needs. And then used the tools to create, improve, produce competitive products that they then sold to the world. They were then earn enough for the the benefit of the whole village and don’t have to borrow, beg, steal or cheat each other, or prey on their own villagers, to have the things they need anymore.

      The difference is one between a bunch of lazy, noisy, unruly, moronic savages; and the other being industrious, disciplined, competent, responsible – the ones with civilized traits.

      • So I get from your meaning that Filipinos had a clear sense of nation building during the civilized New Society but after EDSA devolved into superstitious savages, calling nuclear power the devils, hoping that by praying to that shiny yellow bronze giant Mama Mary will come miraculously national healing and deliverance from traffic, brownouts, poverty, crime, unemployment, insurgency and a host of all the social injustices that lay like a curse on our stupid people.

    2. The idiots in government just going to pretend that the nuclear power plant is not sitting on a major earthquake fault line.

      • Edsel Rogacion on

        Let me refresh your memory on this. Before even a single stone or a gram of dirt was moved to build this nuclear powerplant, two of the world’s industrial giants, both based in the US by the way, Westinghouse and General Electric bid to construct the nuclear power plant. Westinghouse won. Before anybody or an industrial organiztion worth its salt will invest a considerable anount of money, time and effort, it does a feasibility study to calculate costs. It is was sitting on an earthquake fault line, it would have been a NO GO project. So you believe that those Filipino and US nuclear scientists were idiots then and the government technocrats currently in position are also idiots. Remember also that we were the first SEA country to have the only Atomic Energy Commission where research were being done for years even before Martial Law and even before Marceo took office. It was situated near what was called the U.P. Arboretum where Comminwealth avenue now runs. So you believe you are more of an expert, after reading some yellow propaganda in your textbooks, than people who had been fiddling with nuclear formulas all their lives?

      • Critics call it a potential threat to public health, especially since the plant is located in an earthquake zone and because a volcano formation was found near the plant.

        Seems a better site could of been selected in hindsight.

      • Idiots like you just going to ignore the fact that after the very strong 1991 earthquake, it is still intact.

      • Another bit of info

        In 2016, various senators along with a few media personnel inspected the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

        Inspecting senators told media that the power plant was still in good condition.

        It was later found that more than 2,000 defects were confirmed, while areas that were in ‘good condition’ were last inspected by nuclear and infrastructure experts last 2007.

        Nuclear experts last visited in 2007

      • Just because a bunch of know nothing senators think the plant is in good condition does not mean much. How about get the nuclear experts out there to inspect sometime, Last inspect by people that have a clue was almost 10 years ago.


        Let a bunch of actors and comedians make the call if you like

        Fire it up and good luck to anyone living anywhere near it.