• Bataan opposes nuke plant operation


    BALANGA CITY, Bataan: Provincial officials, the Catholic Church and a cause-oriented group here on Friday separately expressed strong opposition to any move to revive and operate the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) in Morong town.

    Representative Jose Enrique Garcia 3rd of the 2nd District, Gov. Albert Garcia, Bataan Bishop Ruperto Santos and the Nuclear Free Bataan Movement (NFBM) officials led by Francisco Honra and lawyer Dante Ilaya all said the “BNPP is dangerous and will bring death and destruction.”

    The lawmaker said President Rodrigo Duterte has not given the “greenlight” to operate BNPP, adding that its feasibility must be looked into.

    The Garcias went to Davao last week and informed the President of their concern about dire prospects Bataan faces if the nuclear plant is revived.

    “We are highly concerned about safety. It also has a big impact on tourism. Development of resorts and allied businesses in the vicinity might not push through if they get wind of plans to revive the BNPP,” the congressman said.

    “Even if there is no fault line, the Philippines and a huge part of Asia is in the Pacific Rim of Fire that is why we are susceptible to earthquakes. Bataan is between the National Capital Region [Metro Manila] and Regions 3 and 4 which are heavily-populated. If there will be problems at the plant, millions of Filipinos will be badly affected,” he added.

    Garcia said the government should not think of the big amount of money that has already been spent for the BNPP. “We should not think of what has already been spent on the BNPP because a lot more would be lost in Bataan and the country as a whole if it is put into operation.”

    Bishop Santos said government officials should take into consideration the life and future of the people and the environment, not the profit or material convenience.

    “We are firm in our decision to oppose any move to rehabilitate the BNPP. We have tarpaulins in all churches in opposition to the BNPP and we will disseminate the message to all diocesan schools,” the prelate added.

    “BNPP – Tutol Kami, Tigilan Na. It is not worth the risk,” “BNPP – Hindi Pag-unlad at Pag-asa Kundi Panganib, Pinsala at Kamatayan Pa,” read the streamers.

    The Nuclear Free Bataan Movement considers nuclear power as the deadliest energy source invented by man.

    The provincial and congressional officials, priests and the NFBM urged the government to study the use of renewable energy like wind, solar, geothermal and hydro that are still not sufficiently tapped.

    “Aside from these, the study should include nuclear power as well. This should be done so that government will know what option to take that will involve the lowest risk,” Garcia said.


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    1. Mga pari na naman? Mga damaso na naman? BNPP, ayaw ng mga dilawan, ng mga me ari ng meralco dahil mawawalan sila ng kita kung aandar ang BNPP!

    2. mabait na pinoy on

      First thing and foremost, the BNPP was never fueled, meaning, never put into operation and this is the reason why BNPP never killed anyone. Secondly, it was built too close to a “fault line”, same as in Mount Pinatubo. The BNPP power output would only support 10% power of the original designated areas in the region.

      The Philippine government spent over $2 Billion to build the BNPP without proper documentation of expenditures during Marcos era. There were no Commission on Audit at that time and Westinghouse, a company that specializes in building nuclear power plants was the prime contractor. There were the same nuclear power plants, (2) that were constructed in the State of Texas ( same power output) at $450 Million each. Here is the bottom line for this: The BNPP was overpriced, way overpriced and there was no accountability on how the hard earned taxpayers money was spent, because Marcos himself, was the government at that time.

      Couple of years later under Cory’s Administration, there was a plan to revive the BNPP and the government was very much interested in putting the BNPP into operation because the amount of money invested was too large to ignore. The government hired few nuclear engineers from Korea and few U.P. graduate engineers to perform technical inspections on the facility and have listed all the discrepancies as required by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) before the BNPP can move on to the next process. The engineers that performed technical inspections found over 4,000 defects and when the government ask on how much it would cost to fix all these faults, the government was given a total cost estimate of over $4 Billion.

      The government at that time concluded that the BNPP is no longer economically repairable. Just couple of weeks ago, the Philippine government was notified by the IAEA to scrap the idea of reviving the BNPP nor plan to build another nuclear power plant to generate electricity because Filipinos would not know how to dispose their nuclear waste. There was no plan on how to dispose radio active materials, where they would bury these nuclear waste, and so forth. In other words, Filipinos do not have the technical expertise and most importantly, the whole world do not want to see the extinct of Filipinos when there is a nuclear meltdown of their nuclear power plant.

    3. I look at the substandard service provided by the electric companies in the Philippines, blackouts every week and wonder how long before their staff cause a meltdown due to the incompetence they have shown year after year.

      Look at the mess on the telephone phones outside and tell me you want these morons operating a nuclear power plant.

    4. the fear of the unknown! fact: “coal fired power plants kill only a few at a time and have much lower capital costs which is highly preferred by (corrupt) politicians!” parenthesis’ mine. there is no such thing as a clean coal fired power plant.
      at the present how many Filipinos have been killed by BNPP so far? how come the Sulpicio lines have a record of killing thousands of Filipinos and yet Marina always certifies their boats as sea worthy?
      let’s take the word of the scientifically authorities and not these so called experts. we have our very own PNRI, Philippine Nuclear Research Institute. for sure these experts have not even heard of this?
      then there is the IAEA.
      then there is this Bill Gates, BILL GATES, HEAD OF A CHARITY, is every bit as brilliant as Bill Gates, head of Microsoft!
      he says: Nuclear power is still safer than all other options, and installing solar panels on your roof is not helping to reduce CO2 emissions. It’s merely “cute.”
      between him and these naysayers i would rather believe him, he’s a genius!
      and come on the real danger is when the Chinese puts up their Nuclear tipped missiles weapons of mass destruction right here on our doorsteps!

    5. Fools built that plant too close to sea level and the Fukushima disaster should be all the reason anybody needs to prevent it from ever going into operation.

      • The FUKUSHIMA disaster in Japan??? Yes, they build more nuclear power plant after that so are the US and its allies. For them, it is better to take the risk rather than sell their mothers and daughters abroad to be sex objects and punching bags for those sex starve sadists. Hey, Genius, You should read more.