• Bataan prelate issues pastoral letter vs mining


    BALANGA City: Bishop Ruperto Santos on Wednesday issued a pastoral letter calling on the people to oppose any plan of undertaking mining in Bataan.

    “We, your priests in Bataan, will not permit any program like mining that will destroy the province,” the bishop of the diocese of Balanga said.

    The pastoral letter will be read in all masses celebrated every Sunday next month.

    Santos said God has blessed Bataan with green, fertile fields and mountains, rivers with clean and enough waters for bountiful harvests.

    “But these will all go to naught if we permit mining to push through. Mining will bring destruction to our environment,” the prelate said.

    He said areas that were mined have barren lands, dried and polluted rivers, impoverished agriculture, deforestation and natural reserves depleted. He said that workers in mining firms are in dire poverty and their health threatened.

    Santos claimed that those who benefit from mining are the capitalists and government officials who will permit the operation.

    “We will be the ones to shoulder the problems caused by mining during and after it ceases operating,” he said.


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    1. Bishop with due respect please try to visit us in Apex Mining in Masara, Maco Comval Province and ask the people including the priests and the Bishop. thru and thru responsible mining po ang kailangan and justice to all stakehlders meaning the workers, the community, the indigenous people and the lgu and the national government and the environment and of course for the stockholders and our contractors and suppliers. Puede po. Please come and visit us. God bless po.

      • Those who are against mining please examine first your present conditions and how you are living now. Mostly or almost all things in our daily living are dependent to mining, if you have a car, appliances, kitchen utensils, materials being used in constructing your Bishop’s Palace, and all the things that can be reach to your eyes are comes from mining. Even medical equipment are all comes from mining, your chalice and other church tools used during masses were all products of mining…We cannot actually stop mining because we are not born in a stone age time…all things that we used now are all product of mining. What we should do now is to regulate mining to have an ecological balance in our environment….Thank You.