Bataan rice prices up by P2-P3 a kilo


BALANGA City, Bataan: The National Food Authority (NFA) provincial office here on Thursday assured of the availability of both NFA and commercial rice in Bataan and noted that the price of commercial rice went up from P2 to P3 per kilo.

“There is a slight movement in the price of commercial rice which is expected but we are hopeful it will go down little by little on March when harvest begins in Bataan,” NFA provincial manager Adelaida Nuestro said.

She said that they have enough rice inventories in their warehouses enough for 30 – 40 days. “Walang dapat ikabahala ang ating mga consumers kaya huwag mamili nang marami para hindi tayo magka–problema sa supply,” she said.

Nuestro said there were new arrivals of imported rice that helped in increasing rice allocation for retailers.

“Tumaas ang presyo, mabigat sa bulsa,” a woman buying commercial rice said.

Vivian Francisco, rice retailer at the Balanga City public market, said the price of commercial rice increased from P2 to P3 a kilo especially on premium rice like angelica and sinandomeng.

“Wala raw palay,” she said.

Myrna Fernandez, another rice retailer, said she has just received new delivery of fancy rice from Balanga City. “Dati P1,900 a cavan, ngayon P2,000 na kaya ang presyo nito na dating P40 isang kilo, magiging P42 na,” she said.

“Walang inaani kaya may shortage daw sa bigas,” Fernandez said. She said that aside from Bataan, her supply comes from Nueva Ecija and Pangasinan “na lalong mahal.”

Eugene Sagun, another rice stallholder in the Balanga City public market, said that what he said to this correspondent two weeks ago happened.

“Scarcity ng ani ang dahilan kaya tumaas ng P2 hanggang P3 isang kilo ang high grade rice tulad ng dinorado at sinandomeng,” he said.

Sagun said even ordinary rice is now worth P2,000 per cavan that has to be retailed at P42 a kilo from the former P40.

Rice retailers accredited by NFA all said that they receive enough allocation from the grains agency.


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  1. Oh, how I wish we could go back to the 50’s when the price of rice was only P1 per ganta(salop), and each sack of rice contains 25 gantas. Would it be nice that for P25 you can afford to buy a sack of rice, and consumption usually last for more than a month for a family of four.

    Time really fly so fast that a sack of rice back then is more than the price of a kilo now. And for our family to economize a bit more, we use to mixed our boiled rice with either grained corn or kamote which was a lot cheaper.

    People in business nowadays are a lot smarter than the rice dealers back then. I certainly believed in supply and demand, but when the stock goes low, the price need not go up almost double. This is the reason why the price keeps going up and would not come down even there’s ample stock at the warehouse.

    The poor farmer cannot keep up with the demand especially if the harvest was destroyed by swarm of grasshoppers, pesty rats, or worse yet, the fury of Mother Nature.

    God is the provider of our daily bread and we should humbly beg Him to increase the yield of harvest, and to pray that these rice hoarders will change their course. AMEN
    People in business nowadays are a lot smarter than 50 years ago