Batanes firm to build wind mill, solar farms


THE Philippine Power Source Inc. (PPSI) in collaboration with Batanes Electric Cooperative (Batanelco) is addressing insufficient supply of diesel-powered electricity in Batanes province through the establishment of renewable energy facilties.

Batanelco officials said the partnership is exploring possible alternative power sources in the province with the construction of wind mill and solar farms.

“We welcome such an endeavor by the PPSI because the power generation system of the province is yet unreliable to provide continuous electric power to the province,” said Batanelco Chairman Quirino Gabotero Jr.

Gabotero said there is an urgent need to look for other sources of power to be generated and distributed to still unenergized households and commercial establishments in the island province.

PPSI technical director Raj Reddy said the establishment of a renewal energy project such as wind mills and solar farms is best suited in the province as wind is very strong.

“Solar-wind power generation is cost efficient to consumers as generation charge will surely be lesser than that of fuel-run power generation system,” Reddy said.

He said that green power generating energy system – wind and solar facilities – is also environment friendly.

“The project is also an effort of the power firm in its support to attain the government’s thrust of rural electrification,” Reddy said.

He said the project is supported by the Ivatans as they see the benefits it bring to many households as well as commerce and industry which will give a boost to the economic growth of the province.

Meanwhile, Batanelco officials said they are considering to reinstall the wind farm in Mahatao which was constructed in 2004.


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