• Batangas farm to boost dairy sector


    A livestock raising formula developed by Lian, Batangas-based DV Boer Farm is helping to boost the population and quality of Philippine cattle and goats, with the aim of reducing the country’s reliance on imported milk products.

    The 11-hectare farm located in Balibago, Lian, Batangas provides livestock raising services to other people’s livestock, including the sharing of imported and superior livestock genetics of goats and cattle. The crossbreeding process helps to improve the health and productivity of local dairy animals, and is intended to eventually lead to large scale hybrid livestock raising in the Philippines.

    The farm also works with a number of sub-farms in different areas of the country to expand the reach of the program.

    Data from the Foreign Agriculture Service of the US Department of Agriculture indicated that at the end of 2016, the Philippines was importing more than 90 percent of its dairy product needs.

    As an immediate step to increase the number of Philippine dairy animals, DV Boer Farm entered an agreement to acquire an initial batch of 2,000 animals from Dairy Livestock Exports Pty Ltd, an Australian supplier of dairy cattle.

    The female cattle will be kept at a newly acquired 27-hectare farm in Alfonso, Cavite, where they will do double duty as milk producers and breeding stock.

    DV Boer said that when fully equipped and staffed, the new farm would be the biggest dairy farm operation in the Philippines, and generate many new jobs in the area.


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