• Bathing intrinsic to fitness, says top model

    Angel Agustin Co

    Angel Agustin Co

    A professional model’s job is hard as it is, with whole day photoshoots, make-up sessions, endless “go sees” and other demands both emotional and physical but to maintain the same level of stamina, fitness and beauty as one advances in age is even more difficult. In fact, many have failed to keep their poise, beauty and youthful looks for many reasons.

    One of the few who stayed in their tiptop shape is former Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP) President Angel Agustin-Co. But while she still has the body that would put Venus to shame, this top model admits that keeping fit and healthy as she gets older is no joke at all.

    So how does she do it?

    Agustin-Co, who started modeling more than 20 years ago, believes that as a model and as a person, it is important to always look your best and stay fit. Her belief is anchored on the philosophy that being fit and groomed enhances one’s self-confidence and attracts positivity.

    Rajo Laurel and Randy Ortiz’s former muse emphasizes the importance of keeping a personal fitness regimen, beginning with bathing regularly.

    “Bathing for me is something that you have to indulge in. A good skin, since it’s the largest organ of our body, is very important. Having smooth and flawless skin is the very basic of being beautiful,” the towering beauty said.

    She added healthy diet as another must. “Eating healthy using the food pyramid guide takes care of our health. And health is truly wealth. I also exercise at least 3 times a week doing cardio for 1 hour and another hour doing mat exercises focusing on problem areas.”

    The problem, however, in maintaining a youthful and beautiful glow among women is the lack of a determined mindset. Agustin-Co believes that the determination to do something you want is important.

    “For me, it is basic and simple: just eat right and religiously exercise, and be disciplined enough to do the things you want,” she shared.

    When asked what women should avoid so as to delay the signs of aging, Agustin-Co’s top-of-mind suggestion is to keep away from sun exposure as much as they can.

    “And a little help from moisturizers will also do wonders,” she finally noted with a chuckle.


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