• ‘Bato’ faces probe over free US trip


    The Office of the Ombudsman is conducting a fact-finding investigation in connection with a recent all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, Nevada of Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa.

    Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales ordered the probe.

    De la Rosa went to the United States in order to watch Sen. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao’s boxing match against Jessie Vargas.

    The PNP chief has reportedly said Pacquiao paid for the trip and no government funds were spent for it.

    “The Ombudsman is conducting a fact-finding investigation regarding the alleged travel perks received by the PNP chief when he went to Las Vegas,” Acting Director Rawnsle Lopez of the office’s Public Information and Media Relations Bureau said in a text message.

    According to Lopez, the Office of the Deputy Ombudsman for the Military and Other Law Enforcement Offices (Moleo) was told to head the inquiry.

    The “[i]nvestigation will look into possible criminal and administrative liability[ies],” she said.

    Under the law, the Ombudsman may conduct an investigation motu proprio (on its own or even without a lodged complaint) on “any act or omission of any public officer or employee, office or agency, when such act or omission appears to be illegal, unjust, improper or inefficient.” REINA TOLENTINO


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    1. Public Office is a Pblic Trust. There’s no doubt for that matter but for the ombudsman’s inconsistencies and selective justice I don’t think the people of the republic will trust this office (Ombudsman).

    2. Leodegardo Pruna on

      This is again a case of selective justice by the Ombudsman. Of course, if there need be an investigation for violation of civil service law, then it has to be pursued. I think that power is slowly creeping into the head of the Chief PNP and PDu30 should come in to remind the Chief of what their administration needs to model in public service- “Simple Living”. At his critical time no amount of excuses would be acceptable. Besides, people’s money is still involved even if the trip was fully paid privately because the amount could be subjected to tax and not deductible to expense. God bless the Philippines.

    3. previous at government expensetourage of senator pacquiao’s fight it always incuded variety of people from in and outside government position. maybe he went there during his own vacation break no big deal. it was not a junket travel.

    4. Of all cases the Ombudsman want to probe this is the least interesting. Why not finish first the cases of all plunderers of DAP and Pork Barrels? Very disappointing that despite the level of her office she can’t seem to distinguish which case should be of pressing concern and solved first.

    5. That should be very good. But only if it is consistent – ex., why did the Ombudsman refused to investigate Delima?

      why selective?

      shouldn’t the Ombudsman be investigated for being selective in its application of it’s “supposed duty”?

      just do an honest job, investigate all, be consistent to be believable.

      Tama na ang masyadong kapal-muks, have a bit of shame, kawawa naman tayo, lahat lang ng government institutions – puro bulok.

      Or if Ombs can’t do it for misplaced loyalty, just disappear, it will be a relief.