• ‘Bato’ vows better PNP in 2017


    Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa over the weekend said Filipinos can expect a better equipped police force this year.

    Dela Rosa issued the statement during the traditional New Year’s Call of police officials in Camp Crame where he also urged the country’s 160,000 police personnel to live up to the expectations of the public.

    “To all of you and to the Filipino people we serve, I assure you of a leadership that you will be proud of and a police force that will gallantly live up to the expectations of our countrymen,” the PNP chief said.

    He also laid out the six-point agenda of the PNP leadership for 2017.

    Dela Rosa said the PNP will continue focusing on the areas of administration, transformation, and operation.

    He noted that Project Double Barrel Alpha, under which the massive campaign against illegal drugs is being implemented, will remain in force.

    The PNP is in the forefront of the war against illegal drugs that was launched in July 2016 when President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office.

    Dela Rosa said the PNP will enforce more drug tests in public and private institutions and stir drug awareness, especially among the youth, by launching information and education programs.

    He added that police assistance will be more accessible as he encouraged the public to use the latest applications in mobile phones.

    Dela Rosa also vowed faster delivery of police services such as the processing of firearms registration and licensing, issuance of police clearances, and processing of pension and other benefits for retirees.

    He said the police will undertake all necessary steps to maintain order and peace in the streets and communities as he emphasized that discipline should prevail at all levels of the police force.

    “While we do everything to maintain order and keep peace in our streets and communities, I will make sure that everything will be in order as well in the homefront. Discipline must prevail at all levels of the PNP organization,” Dela Rosa said.

    Present during the PNP’s New Year’s Call were members of the command group and national directorial staff, commanders of national support units, regional directors, and special and personal staff.


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    1. I can’t believe “a police force that will gallantly live up to the expectations of our countrymen,” unless that means very low expectations.

      It was only a few months ago that twenty four police murdered Espinosa and his cellmate inside a jail.

      None of those police are being held without bail for premeditated murder.

      The justice system will drag this investigation out for years until the charges are dropped thru incompetence or bribes.