• Bato wants Sayyaf’s police girlfriend sacked


    IS police superintendent Maria Christina Nobleza, who was arrested in Bohol in the company of a suspected terrorist, a Trojan horse rolled into the Philippine National Police (PNP) by the terrorist Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG)?

    Police officials on Monday posed this questioned even as PNP chief, Director General Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa, wants Nobleza booted out from the police service for “sleeping with the enemy.”

    Investigation conducted by the PNP revealed that Nobleza, the deputy regional director of the Davao Regional Police Office’s Crime Laboratory, is the girlfriend of suspected bomb expert Reenor Lou Dungon alias Kudre, a relative of slain ASG founder Abdurajak Abubakar Janjalani.

    “They were boyfriend-girlfriend. I don’t know if they are already living in. They fell in love with each other. But whatever personal thing she was doing was no longer sanctioned by the PNP. She has a relationship with an Abu Sayyaf [terrorist]… She was arrested, we will file criminal and administrative charges against her and she would be surely booted out of the police service. She is sleeping with the enemy,” de la Rosa noted.

    The two were arrested after they drove past a police checkpoint on April 22 in Barangay (village) Bacani, Clarin, Bohol.

    They were aboard a Nissan Navara (FGN 270), driven by Dungon in the company of an elderly woman said to be the mother-in-law of slain Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli Bin Hir alias Marwan; slain ASG leader Khadaffy Abubakar Janjalani; Abu Solaiman, another ASG leader, and Ahmed Akmad Santos, the leader of the Islamic militant Rajah Sulayman Movement.

    A teenager with them is said to be Santos’ child.

    “She is really a hardcore mother-in-law of the members of the Abu Sayyaf… [she is a scary mother-in-law. The husbands of her children are all]Abu Sayyaf leaders,” de la Rosa said in a news conference at Camp Crame in Quezon City in describing the elderly woman.

    Tagging them as “high-risk,” he wanted the arrested persons transferred to Camp Crame.

    “They are all high-risk. Many will have interest in them so they should be brought here to Camp Crame so that the public will be at peace. That no one will possibly sow terror. Let them create trouble in Camp Crame so that we would be happy here,” de la Roa said.

    Nobleza was formerly assigned to the defunct PNP Anti-Illegal Drugs Group before she was assigned deputy of the Crime Laboratory in Davao.

    During the arrest, she reportedly threw away her cellphone but it was immediately retrieved by police operatives who upon examining it found out that she was exchanging text messages with the remaining Abu Sayyaf bandits in Bohol who were asking to be rescued.

    “Initially, it would appear that they are trying to rescue the remaining ASG members there [Bohol] but we are yet to establish if indeed that was their plan. The people may say or speculate it was a rescue operation but we cannot immediately declare so until we finish our investigation,” the PNP chief said.

    When asked if Nobleza may have infiltrated the PNP, de la Rosa replied that he cannot say if she is already an ASG member.

    “She could have been used through her personal connections because she is the girlfriend of an Abu Sayyaf member. Do you think other policemen or soldiers have no relatives on the enemy side? It is their personal choice if they shift loyalty to the enemy of the state. But then they have to answer for the consequences of their actions. That’s why we will dismiss her from the service and charge her,” according to the PNP chief.

    Pressed to describe what had happened to Nobleza, de la Rosa said, “That’s what we are saying in [the]Visayan [language], ‘Nabuang sa gugma’ or got stupid for love. Because of her love for an Abu Sayyaf man, she allowed herself to be used. If there was really a rescue attempt, she was used and that proved she was a weak police officer and therefore should be dismissed from the service.”


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    1. jose b taganahan on

      While i dont believe that Supt Nobleza has a sexual relationship with allege ASG member Dongon who is at least 25 years her junior, considering the fact that Supt Nobleza is married to a Filipino Military attache and has children of her own; she should be dismissed from the service and a criminal case should be filed against her for supporting the cause of the ASG.I believe she did it for money and due to her being a balik Islam.

    2. This traitor cop deserves the sack Roman style.

      In ancient Rome getting the sack originally called poena cullei is Latin for “punishment of the bag.” It was reserved for the worst crimes of ingratitude, such as parricide or treason. The condemned had their nose cut off and thrown into a sack with wild animals then dumped into a river to drown, but not before suffering the struggling agony of clawing biting beasts to the end.

    3. mas masusing imbestigasyon ang kailangan, ang ityoryang nabuklag sa pagibig ang pulis ay mababaw, dapat aralin an nakaraan ng pulis na sangkot mula noong siya ay estudyante pa lamang… nabasa ko sa ibang ulat na ang abu sayyaf ay dating ng nahuli at nakulong sa kasong pang bobomba, kung saan di umano ay doon sila nagkakilala ng pulis noong an pulis di umano ay nagiimbista sa naturang kaso, pero noon panahon na iyon ang naturang pulis ay ay nakatalaga sa AIDG…. isang unit na may mandato sa pagtutok sa illegal na droga hindi sa kasong kinasasangkutan ng bandido…..
      at ang kasama nyang nahuling ngayon ay konektado sa dugo ng mga bumubuo ng liderato abu sayyaf group, pati ang anak ng pinuno ng isa pang bandidong grupo….
      ang kanyang dating asawa na ngayon ay kintawan ng afp bilang attache sa ibang bansa, na dating miyembro ng panitiktikang serbisyo ng sandatahang lakas ng pilipinas, malabo ng hahayaan na lamang ng kanyang asawa na sila ay mag hiwalay ng hindi nito nabubusisi o nauusisa kung sino ang kinakalantari ng pulis….
      maaring ang pulis na ito ay isang sleeper na DPA, na ginising ngayon upang tumulong gaumawa ng terorismo sa bansa.
      sana’y palawigin ng PNP ang imbesigasyon, dahil maaring hindi lamang ito nagiisa sa kanilang hanay…

      this may not only be a case of sleeping with an enemy, but an enemy within.

    4. An in-depth investigation of the case could dig out substantial info for security purposes. Will PNP tolerate a repeat of this?

    5. For all we know she could be the person supplying intelligence to Abu Sayyaf. A sleeper cell, sleeping with the enemy. This woman made a mockery of our country, among others. Others being the Liberal Party mates.

    6. Dismissal should not only be the steps to be taken. She should be incarcerated in jail within maximum security and limited movements for a normal person/prisoner to move around. No personal visitation, no contact of outside word…only to do exercise or eat and should be isolated from other inmates–for life. “Pity should have no place”

    7. Pensador de Manila on

      That is a good decision for the police officer Nobleza that she should be out of the police work; she is not a noble police officer anymore, as she already compromised the security of the nation by favoring criminals and terrorists to perpetuate of thier criminal activities in the name of her love to the terrorist- that is craziness- she is crazy to the maximum, an accomplished police officer she could be accused of many unspeakable crimes committed by her lover terrorist and his group-ASG. I do not know where is her right and good consciense belongs: she is fallen in love madly to the man who does not deserve to be loved.