‘Bato’ weeps over scalawags in PNP


SAYING he could not blame the public for their lack of trust in men in uniform, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa turned emotional during a Senate inquiry on Wednesday into drug kingpin Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr.’s claims to have bribed police officials in Eastern Visayas.

EMOTIONAL Philippine National Police Chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa turns emotional in a Senate inquiry on Wednesday in which drug kingpin Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr. claimed to have bribed police officials in Eastern Visayas. PHOTO BY

EMOTIONAL Philippine National Police Chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa turns emotional in a Senate inquiry on Wednesday in which drug kingpin Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr. claimed to have bribed police officials in Eastern Visayas. PHOTO BY

Espinosa, who was flown on Friday to Manila from the United Arab Emirates where he hid after he and his slain father Rolando Sr. were linked by President Rodrigo Duterte to the illegal drug trade, admitted to giving PNP officials regular “payola” or bribes.

The tough-talking de la Rosa broke down after being questioned by Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri on how the PNP could be cleaned up considering many police officials had been linked to illegal drugs.

De la Rosa tried to hold back his tears as he admitted he no longer knew whom to trust.

“I’m leaving the fate of this PNP to God. I really want to reform the PNP. But I’m having a hard time,” he said in Filipino. “But I will never surrender.”

Supt. Marvin Marcos, head of the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) in Eastern Visayas accused of deliberately killing Kerwin’s father Rolando Sr. early this month as well as receiving drug money, also became emotional.

“Masakit din ito para sa pamilya namin—pamilya ko, members ng CIDG. Nagtatrabaho lang po kami [It is painful for our family, my family, members of the CIDG. We are just doing our job],” he said.

P3M for police official’s wife

Espinosa claimed to have given P3 million to Superintendent Marcos whose wife allegedly used the money to finance a run for vice mayor in Leyte last May.

Marcos was with the CIDG team that carried out the November 5 dawn raid at the Baybay City sub-provincial jail that led to the death of Rolando Sr., the mayor of Albuera town in Leyte.

Espinosa said Marcos was introduced to him in May by a police officer he identified as Chief Insp. Wilfredo Abordo. Abordo, he said, had been receiving protection money since 2012.

Marcos called up and asked for P3 million, but Espinosa said he told Marcos he could only raise P2.5 million. Espinosa said he gave Marcos P1.5 million at the Zeelan Hotel and another P1 million the next day.

Marcos received an additional P500,000 after Rolando Sr. won the mayoralty race in Albuera.

‘Loot, Dolina got payoffs’

Espinosa also named Chief Supt. Asher Dolina, former Eastern Visayas police regional director and former police general and now Daanbantayan, Cebu Mayor Vicente Loot as among those receiving pay-offs from him.

Dolina allegedly demanded P500,000 monthly “SOP” or protection money sometime in 2015 but brought it down to P300,000. Victor Espina, supposedly a relative of former PNP officer-in-charge Leonardo Espina, acted as middleman, Espinosa said.

Loot, Espinosa said, had been receiving P120,000 a month since 2011, when he was deputy director of the Eastern Visayas police. Loot was one of the five active and retired police generals accused by President Duterte in July of protecting illegal drug operations.

According to Espinosa, it was Chief Insp. Leo Laraga who contacted him sometime in 2011 and informed him that he needed to give “protection money” to Loot.

Laraga allegedly demanded P120,000 per month from Espinosa – P100,000 for Loot and P20,000 for Laraga.
He also named Supt. Santi Noel Matira as among those receiving monthly payoffs

Laraga and Matira were members of the CIDG team that killed Rolando Sr.

Loot denied the accusations on Wednesday, saying his name was used by influence peddlers. He vowed to press charges.

Kerwin clears actor

Espinosa also cleared his slain father as well as other personalities including Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez of involvement in illegal drug operations.

He told the Senate committee the signatures found on the affidavit that named Gomez and others as drug protectors, supposedly executed by his father, were forged.

It was Sen. Panfilo Lacson, chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Illegal Drugs, who asked Espinosa to talk about the names mentioned in the affidavit.

Espinosa also cleared Leyte Rep.Vicente Veloso, Gov. Leopoldo Petilla, Vice Gov. Carlo Loreto and Baybay Vice Mayor Mike Cari.

Espinosa claimed the former head of Albuera police, Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido, wanted to implicate his father over a political rivalry.


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  1. Gen Bato must be the only person in the country to not know that the PNP are a corrupt police dept.
    Bato has been in the police dept for 30 years and we are supposed to believe he didn’t have any idea how corrupt it was.

    Bato just reinstated the guy who was accused of taking money from the drug dealers and leading the raid that killed Espinosa in his cell.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

  2. Gen . Bato, what happened to all those generals who were named by President Duterte as drug lords coddlers??? So the mistahs are protecting their fellow mistahs, I guess. All of it was for show to fool the public that something is getting done…. Of course, only the lowly criminals has to answer for their crimes. The high ranking officials and politicians get a pass…. The Filipino version of crime fighting and justice…. A sight to behold, a zarsuela befitting an Academy award…

    • Same as the pork barrel fund scandal, arrested 3 opposition senators and ignored the other 17 liberal party thieves in the senate.

      Apparently no one seems to mind that the pork barrel thieves on the Napoles list are still in the senate and the house of reps.

  3. So are we supposed to fell sorry for Bato for weeping in front of the camera? Wow, are we supposed to extend him the sympathy? I almost expected the drug lord Kerwin to wipe Bato’s tears and offer his shoulder to cry on. What a freaking zarsuela!

    It makes me sick that the Chief PNP acts like a freaking baby who just lost his toy. I wonder if there’s a course in acting that is offered at the PMA. Other courses probably offered there are how to protect and coddle drug lords, how to justify getting a search warrant for an inmate in already in his prison cell, how to remove the CCTV tapes, etc, etc…

    My recommendation to Bato: SHUT UP, STOP CRYING, AND DO YOUR JOB!

  4. The task of cleaning up the PNP is a very difficult job. Bato knows that drug money has corrupted many of the police and some in very high ranks. Some may be friends or have done really good police work outside of the drugs. It will be very difficult to fire them. Bato has to work carefully and surround himself with people above any suspicion. I believe he can do it. My best wishes.

  5. After all these “revelations”, why are these perperators still walking around? its time to take action.
    Clean our acts, not just cry, everybody does that – move your fat assess, eliminate the evils, work on how to do this promptly. Do it now!

    For starter, firing squad for these people would serve as an example and a deterrent. Do it to all traitors and bantay-salakay in all government institutions. Remove the rules that are protecting these bad elements – could mean new system of governance, anything that works at this point is acceptable.

    If nobody aspires for political position which is the motivator of all these massive network of crimes, it would greatly help. Simply dissolving congress and senate could cure the disease and save significant resource that then be used to create the livelihood, that will help stop other crimes due poverty. Of course removing or disciplining properly (firing squad for bantay-salakay) the law enforcement institutions is a priority also.

    . Lacson and the other politicians can try other businesses, say open a school to teach hide and seek instead of creating laws for extortions like “laglag bala”.

    Who are the plunderers, protectors of criminals and greedy businesses? who are permitting the price of basic commodities and utilities, medicine to be jackup to abnormally high levels? who are allowing money laundering and hiding of unexplained/stolen/plundered wealth? who are taking away/stealing away budget for infra structures, education, defense? why not drop nonperforming all institutions and firing squads for all plunderers and traitors?

  6. PNP officials and men are into the drugs trade no wonder they are not doing their jobs in accordance with the panunumpa sa watawat every Flag Raising Ceremony na “maka-Diyos, maka-tao, makakalikasan, maka-tao at maka-bansa”

    • KA TINO, meron katotohanan ang sinabi mo, yung hindi panunumpa sa watawat tuwing flag raising, ay only indication of deep culpability or evil intentions already embedded in their own psyche and must be like mere tip if the ice berg, need be discovered. Dapat sa ganito pa lang na gawain ay imbestgahan na at to be subjected silang lahat sa lie detector test ng pa-ulit ulit hanggang hindi lumabas ang katotohanan at mga ikinukubli nilang ginagawa na ito pala ay talamak na sa buong Kapolisan

  7. Just imagine a weekly collection from drug lords by officials from theb pnp. Sen lacdon is right ginawang parang collection sa gambling na der is weekly payola. How much nman kaya ang collection sa metro manila. And come to think of the drug money reaches the general of the pnp. Maybe theres a sense of truth from the statement of kerwin bcos it takes a lot of guts to tell that activities. The question is who is the greater evil between d espinosa n the police officers???

  8. I feel for Gen. Bato who is a very sincere and honest man! Yes, men also cry when they are sincere and honest, They are tears that come from their hearts and NOT crocodile tears! Punish hard those men who are found guilty! We need more Gen. Batos in the Philippines!

  9. If you will try to reform the PNP, do not let emotions and religion dictate what are you going to do. Enforce the existing laws. No more no less. You need more than words to change everything inside the realm of the Philippine National Police. Be firm and do not by any chance be construed to be a soft one. That is what the scalawags are waiting for. They want to know your weakness. Then they will try to work on that weakness. Then you will be in trouble, big trouble, because then they will exploits everything to circumvent whatever changes you wish to do. File criminal charges. Do not just discharged or transferred the scalawags. Put them to jail. Good Luck , Sir.

  10. Duterte is partly to blame for spoiling the cops. Before Duterte left for Peru for APEC, he said he believed the cops more than Mayor Espinosa. That position taken by Duterte even when investigation is still to be conducted in Espinosa’s death emboldened these cops led by CIDG Col. Marcos to behave arrogantly thinking they’re protected by no less than the President. Now that Kerwin has surfaced to expose all the detailed deals with Col. Marcos and company, what would Duterte say and do now?

    • MARTIN what will Duterte say and do now? NOTHING, for he has perfectly said it earlier, nothing to be added or subtracted. He said, if you have evidence to the contrary, that PNP are just doing their job, file a case. Is this not clear to you Martin?

    • The corrupt police officers, corrupted system with this serious illegal drug problems were not created during the term of Duterte. The extremely difficult task of solving the problem is the exact problem of Duterte and Bato. It is the previous administration (s) to blame who allowed the illegal business to proliferate. IF Kerwin’s business and the ccorrupt offcers are that huge, and that is only Leyte, what then is the extent of this menace in the whole country?

  11. “I’m leaving the fate of this PNP to God

    Great, so in other words he has no idea what to do.

    Typical for the Philippines, call on god to solve the problems.