Bautista orders support for human milk bank


Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista has ordered the city government’s healthcare agencies to exert all efforts to support the Quezon City Human Milk Bank (QCHMB), located within Quezon City General Hospital. The Human Milk Bank collects and processes the milk donated by healthy lactating mothers, then distributes the milk to public hospitals in the city. As of 2015, about 56,304 milliliters of breastmilk were donated by 629 mothers through the milk-letting activities organized by the QCHD in different barangay (villages). Breastfeeding stations within the city hall complex continuously promotes breastfeeding, and even in private establishments including malls and transport terminals. QCHD also offers free immunization package for babies from 0 to 15 months to strengthen and protect them from common illnesses. Free tetanus toxoid vaccines and iron tablets are given to mothers to encourage professionally-assisted child births.


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